A group of concerned owners has formed the Unified Horse Show Development Program (UHDP) which will seek to assist new horse show development as well as help existing shows that need financial aid.  The group will also seek to revitalize previous Walking Horse venues and help with walking horse events across the nation.

The UHDP will focus its aid to horse shows outside of the states of Tennessee and Kentucky and horse events and shows will have to apply to the UHDP for financial aid.  A group of owners have initiated a challenge fund whereby they will match up to $25,000 of monies raised by UHDP. All monies will be donated to FAST, a 501 (c)3 organization, making the contributions tax deductible.

Deborah Williams, Dee Cantrell, Kathy Zeis, Marty Irby, Margo Urad, Tracy Boyd and Mike Inman are the members of the UHDP.  The UHDP will not be associated with any specific HIO and will encourage horse show development with any HIO that has not accepted the mandatory penalties from the USDA.

The program will also include a mentoring program, chaired by Vickie Penick.  The program will offer mentoring services to groups that need help with organizing their shows and putting together events.

The challenge fund will begin immediately and run through June 15, 2011.  At that time the matching funds up to $25,000 will be donated to the fund and the horse show development aid will begin.  A list of criteria will be available soon for horse show management to download and apply to the UHDP.

Applications for aid will be reviewed by a committee consisting of Diana McMurtry, Inman, Williams and Cantrell and funds will be allocated by this group based upon horse shows and events abilities to meet the criteria and geographic location.

The following members of the mentoring program are available to assist anyone needing help with their horse show.  If you would like to become a mentor, please email info@FASTWalkingShowHorse.org or contact Vickie Penick directly.

Tracy Boyd-Tennessee - tboyd319@yahoo.com
Steve Brown-Oregon - brostephen@gmail.com      
Dee Cantrell-Alabama - birddogs@bellsouth.net
Jo Anne Dempsey-Mississippi - jadempsey@ms.metrocast.net
Sandy Harris-Tennessee - sandyharris55@gmail.com
Beverly Kirk-Georgia - bxamerica@aol.com 
Diana McMurtry-Florida - dmcmurt349@aol.com
Joyce Moyer-Ohio - joycemoyer@thewayz.com
Vickie Penick-South Carolina (Chairperson) - vspenick@lowcountry.com
Margo Urad-Texas - murad@kandins.com
Bruce Vaughn-Ohio - blvaughn@zoominternet.net
Kathy Zeis-Georgia - redladytwh@mindspring.com
Karen Inman - kandminman@gmail.com

More information on how to receive the applications and the list of criteria will be available soon.