The Unity Committee met on Monday, April 16, and wants the world to know it is alive and kicking.   “Our mission remains to unify, to promote and protect the humane treatment of the Walking Horse, to support public relations programs, to market, to educate, and to meet and engage with regulatory challenges”, said spokesperson Christy Lantis.  “We reaffirmed our basic composition, our dedication to our parent organizations, and the idea that one voice is essential to the survival and growth of the Tennessee Walking Horse—both performance and flat shod—in so many ways.”

“Although it should go without saying, let it again be said that the Unity Committee is dedicated to the abolition of soring and the promotion of any good idea, from any source,  resulting in competent and fair inspections and preventive measures. We also remain dedicated to the sound  performance and flat shod horse and urge everyone to go to the nearest and next affiliated horse show to enjoy this great horse and rediscover the truth about its presentation.” 

Trainers president Jamie Hankins specifically cited recent meetings of the WHTA, its continuing and enthusiastic endorsement, and its continuing support of the Unity Committee.

The UC will meet again on Friday, April 20, and the executive committee of TWHBEA and the board of WHOA will meet this weekend as well.  In these crucial days, The UC urges anyone and everyone who endorses a unified voice for the Tennessee Walking Horse  to contact one of these members, and  to strongly urge the support of the Unity Committee,  in its present composition and state, by these member-driven organizations.