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**Updated Horse Show Schedule

The Walking Horse Report will provide daily updates to the list of cancelled and postponed horse shows.

*updated as of 10/6/20
October 17 Roger Latham Memorial/Baileyton Fall Classic 

*updated as of 9/17/20

Sept 26 Walking For The Future
October 3 Ride For The Roses
October 10 WHOA Versatility in Sparta, IL
October 18 WHOA Show Series
October 29-30 Appalachian Horse Revival

*updated as of 8/24/20
October 15-17 ETWHA Fall Classic

*updated as of 8/19/20 3:10 pm
October 30-31 SCWHA Championship

*updated as of 8/10/20 5:00 pm
The Walking Horse Trainers' Association Horse Show will now be held October 8-10, 2020. 

*updated 8/9/20 7:00 pm
October 8-10 North Carolina Championship

*updated 8/8/20 2:00 pm
August 20-22 West Virginia State Fair Horse Show

*updated 7/22/20 10:45 am
The Alabama Ladies Auxiliary Horse Show will now be held August 8, instead of August 15. 

*updated 7/10/20 8:00 pm
July 17-19 Tarheel Classic 

*updated as of 7/7/20 3:40 pm
July 11 Walking For The Future Show (Rescheduled for July 25)

*updated as of 7/7/20 8:45 am
September 19 Warren County Agriculture & Livestock Fair Walking Horse Show

*updated as of 7/1/20
July 11 – BPWHA Show in Paris, KY

*updated as of 6/26/20 9:40 am
July 16-18 Waynesville Charity 

*updated as of 6/10/20 11:45 am
September 15 WHOA Tennessee State Fair Show

*updated as of 6/8/20 8:30 am
June 20 BPWHA Show Lebanon

*updated as of 6/5/20 4:00 pm
June 17 Northside Lions Club (Postponed; a new date will be announced later)

*updated as of 6/4/20 9:40 am
July 18 Cornersville Lions Club

*updated 6/3/20 1:20 pm
July 18 Putnam County Fair Horse Show

*updated 5/27/20 5:45 pm
July 11 Pine Spur Hunt Club in Vinton, VA

*updated as of 5/27/20 7:50 am
June 12 Smoky Mountain Classic (Rescheduled for June 20)

*updated as of 5/22/20 11:40 am
June 12-13 Southern Championship Charity 

*updated as of 5/19/20 12:40 pm
August 18-19 TWHBEA World Versatility Championship 

*updated as of 5/19/20 10:00 am
June 20 East Tennessee Walking Horse Classic (Rescheduled for July 25)
Aug 8 ETWHA Fun Show (Rescheduled for August 1)

*updated as of 5/18/20 11:20 am
June 6 East Tennessee Trainers Show (Rescheduled for August 8)

*updated as of 5/15/20 4:20 pm
Alabama Ladies Auxiliary Horse Show has been rescheduled for August 15.
June 6 HAWHA Summer Show (Rescheduled for June 13)

*updated as of 5/13/20 11:50 am
June 13 Cumberland County (Postponed; we will update as new date becomes available) 

*updated as of 5/12/20 5:45 pm
June 20 Fentress County Fair Walking Horse Show

*updated as of 5/12/20 3:15 pm
June 12 Belfast Lions Club (Postponed; we will update as new date becomes available) 

*updated as of 5/11/20 12:00 pm
June 6 - Walking For Hope (Postponed one week later––will be held June 13)

*updated as of 5/9/20 12:10 pm
May 16 - WHOA Versatility Show in Perryville, MO
June 13 - Bourbon County Fair Walking Horse Show in Paris, KY
August 15 - Walking For The Future Show in Morristown, TN

*updated as of 5/5/20 11:00 am
May 30 - Walking For The Future Show in Morristown, TN. (Rescheduled to June 20)
June 27 Savannah Lions Club 

*updated as 5/4/20 7:10 pm
May 28-30 Columbia Spring Jubilee (Rescheduled for June 4-6)

*updated as of 5/4/20 11:20 am
June 5-6 Southern Charity Championship (Rescheduled for June 12-13)

*updated as of 5/4/20 9:00 am
May 15-16 NSSHA Spring Horse Show

*updated as of 5/1/20 8:30 pm
May 21-23 Spring Fun Show (rescheduled for June 25-27)

*updated as of 5/1/20 12:00 pm
May 2 WHOA Versatility Show in Sparta, IL
May 9 National Mountain Horse Spring Fling
May 29-June 1 Old Dominion Association Gaited Horse Show

*updated as of 4/29/20 12:20 pm
May 16 Smoky Mountain Classic (Rescheduled tentatively for June 12)

*updated as of 4/29/30 10:15 am
July 22-23 TWHBEA World Versatility (Rescheduled for August 18-19)

*updated as of 4/28/20 5:00 pm
May 2 - Walking For The Future Show in Morristown, TN
May 30 - WHOA Show Series in Brownsville, KY
May 31 - WHOA Show Series in Brownsville, KY
June 20 - WHOA Versatility Show in Cookeville, TN

*updated as of 4/28/20 10:45 am
May 2 Midwest Walking Horse Trainers Show
June 13 Ride For The Roses – Dillsburg, PA 

*updated as of 4/28/20 10:00 am
May 30 VWRHOA Show (Rescheduled for June 27)
May 20 WHTA BOD and General Membership Meeting (Postponed)

*updated as of 4/26/20 6:00 pm
May 8 NCWHA Spring Show
May 9 NCWHA Ladies Auxiliary Show
May 16 Southeastern Walking and Racking Horse Show

*updated as of 4/23/2020 11:20 am
May 15-17 Four Beats For Pleasure Eastern North Carolina Jubilee 
August 14-15 Old Dominion Association Chatham Horse Show (Rescheduled for July 31-August 1)

*updated as of 4/21/20 3:30 pm
May 1-2 SSHBEA Spring Show
Tar Heel Classic rescheduled for July 17-19.

*updated as of 4/21/20 2:00 pm
August 15 TWHYA Summer Splash (Rescheduled for August 8)

*updated as of 4/21/20 11:10 am
April 24 White County Fair 
May 9 PWHAT Show (in Belfast)

*updated as of 4/20/20 12:15 pm
May 9 Billie Lane King Cotton (Rescheduled for October 17) 

*updated as of 4/20/20 8:30 am
May 8-9 WHAO Spring Fling (Rescheduled for July 24-25)

*updated as of 4/17/20 10:30 am
April 25 Pine Rock Show Series II in Kittrell, NC (Rescheduled for June 6)
May 9 BPWHA Show in Brodhead, KY

*updated as of 4/16/20 11:30 am
July 26-August 1 International Grand Championship (rescheduled for August 11-17, 2020)

*updated as of 4/14/20 11:30 am
May 21-23 Appalachian Horse Revival (rescheduled for October 29-31, 2020)

*updated as of 4/9/20 11:30 am
May 2 ETWHA Spring Fun Show (rescheduled for August 8, 2020)

*updated as of 4/7/20 3:00 pm
April 18 Palmetto Saddle Club

*updated as of 4/7/20 8:45 am
June 26-27 WHOA Pleasure Jamboree – Murfreesboro, TN
June 27 WHOA Versatility – Murfreesboro, TN

*updated 4/6/20 8:20 am
May 9 Alabama Ladies Auxiliary (Rescheduled for August 15)

*updated 4/2/20 7:30 pm
May 1 Manchester Lions Club
June 6 – WHOA Versatility – Sparta, IL

*updated 4/2/20 8:45 am
June 2-6 Germantown Charity 

*updated 4/1/20 8:00 pm
May 1-3 Tar Heel Classic (Rescheduled for July 17-19)

*updated 4/1/20 9:45 am
May 2 Derby Classic (Postponed; we will post new date as it becomes available) 
The Racking Horse Spring Celebration will now be held July 8-11, 2020.

*updated as of 4/1/20 9:20 am
May 9 Upper Cumberland Walking Horse Show
May 16 WHOA Spring Classic

*updated at 3/30/20 11:00 am
May 8 West Tennessee Strawberry Festival (Canceled)

*updated at 3/26/20 9:30 am
April 25-26 WHOA Show Series – Franklin, Kentucky (Rescheduled for June 27-28)

*updated as of 3/25/20 9:00 am
April 25 Strides Against Cancer (Postponed; we will post a new date as it becomes available)

*updated as of 3/23/20 3:00 pm
May 9 East Tennessee Ladies Auxiliary Show 

*updated as of 3/23/20 11:30 am
April 16-17 FAST Spring Showcase (Rescheduled for November 12-13)
May 9 Vicksburg Charity Horse Show

*updated as of 3/23/20 11:00 am
March 28 Magnolia Classic (NEW DATE October 10, 2020) 

*updated as of 3/23/20 9:30 am
March 28 East Tennessee Trainers' Association Barn Party & Preview (Posted for a later date; we will post new date as it becomes available) 
April 11 HAWHA Spring Show

*updated as of 3/21/20 10:00 am
April 25 Walking For Cancer (Postponed for a later date; we will post new date as it becomes available) 

*updated as of 3/20/20 8:00 pm
April 22-25 Racking Horse Spring Celebration (Rescheduled for June 3-6)

*updated as of 3/20/20 11:00 am
April 18 Walking For The Future Spring Fling

*updated as of 3/18/20 1:40 pm
April 11 PWHAT Fun Show

*updated as 3/18/20 – 9:00 am
April 4 
PPWHANC Spring Fling 

*updated as of 3/17/20 – 12:30 pm
March 21 Pine Rock Show Series I – Kittrell, North Carolina
March 28 WHOA Academy/Schooling Show – Shelbyville, Tennessee
April 4 WHOA Versatility – Alto Pass, Illinois 

*updated as of 3/17/20 – 10:30 am
April 3-4 Cajun Classic
April 15 FAST Gala (Rescheduled for November 12)

*updated as of 3/16/20 – 5:00pm
April 11 Georgia Ladies Auxiliary (rescheduled for Sept. 26 joining the Exchange Club Classic show in Phenix City, AL)

*updated as of 3/16/20 – 3:30pm
March 18-21 National Trainers’ Show (Postponed)
March 28 Palmetto Saddle Club (Cancelled)
April 4 Waynesville, NC (Cancelled)
April 3-4 Southern Championship (Rescheduled for June 5-6)

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