by Linda Scrivner

HARRIMAN, Tenn. - The 25th annual Smoky Mountain Classic prides itself for the proceeds from the show that benefits “The Dream Connection”. On Saturday evening, a special presentation was made to two participants who had reaped the benefits. One autistic child received a service dog and another realized his dream of going to Disneyworld with his family.

This year the proceeds will be greatly affected by the fact that many exhibitors chose not to show before USDA officials with horses appearing in only 20 of the 46 classes of the two-day event. John Puckett of Wartrace, Tenn., judged the event. There were five USDA officials checking horses alongside SHOW officials. The USDA officials were Dr. Peter Kirsten, Dr. Mary Geib and Dr. Earnest Johnson; VMOs and Randy Coleman and Beverly Hicks; ACIs. In addition there were two local police officials for security purposes. SHOW officials were Andy Messick and William Edwards. One ticket was written by SHOW on Friday evening for unilateral sore and scar rule violations. On Saturday evening, there were four horses that were put into conflict resolution since the USDA and SHOW officials could not agree on the violations.

On Saturday, there was a very successful WHOA Versatility Show that had 21 classes. Leah Boyd expertly judged the competition with many talented horses.

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