Copyright WHR 2007

By Christy Howard Parsons

Dr. Chester Gipson releases his statement on behalf of the United States Department of Agriculture regarding the Walking Horse Trainers' Association quick response to the Dick Peebles' shoeing violation.

"The USDA applauds efforts such as this one to encourage compliance with the Horse Protection Act.  Any emphasis the industry places on self-regulation can only contribute to our mission of protecting shown and exhibited horses from the inhumane practice of soring," said Dr. Chester Gipson.

Upon being notified of the alleged incident, the Board of the Walking Horse Trainers Association immediately convened via conference call and unanimously voted to ask the WHTA Ethics Committee to initiate a full investigation.

Only four days later, the Ethics Committee presented to the WHTA Board a proposed settlement whereby Dick Peebles waived his right to a hearing and accepted a five-year suspension. The WHTA Board voted unanimously to accept the settlement.