USDA To Begin Using Sniffer;

No Plans For Prosecution At This Point

WHR Copyright 2006

The USDA met with the HIO working group in Springfield, Mo., Tuesday, March 14, 2006, to outline their plans for immediate enforcement of the “sniffer.”

“At the next horse show they attend, the USDA will begin swabbing horses and sending their results to AMES, Iowa,” said Lonnie Missick of the National Horse Show Commission. “They will forward these results to IES and IES will send a letter [form 76] to the owner and trainer of the horse that was swabbed.” They will also begin posting information about the results on their web site, such as what show they attended, how many horses were swabbed and how many horses were in violation, according to Messick.

Another industry source agreed with Messick by stating that the form 76 will basically serve as a letter of warning to the horse owner and trainer. If the results of swabbing indicate there is a widespread problem, it was understood that there would likely be prosecution in the future.