Andrew Waites, Personnel Task Force

Andrew Waites has named four individuals to serve on the SHOW Personnel Task Force.  Mike Davis, Herschel Blessing, Joel Weaver and Pat Marsh have been selected to participate on the Task Force.  Waites was named chairperson of the Task Force by SHOW CEO Dr. Doyle Meadows last week.

The initial focus of the Personnel Task Force will be to conduct the search for the new CEO of the SHOW HIO.  Work has already begun on the creation of the job description along with the qualifications sought in the individual tasked with leading the independent HIO in the future.

Waites has called a meeting of his committee during the upcoming Fun Show where they will begin the search process.  Also meeting during the Fun Show are the Finance and Communication Task Forces, headed by Bob Medina and Janice Fostek respectively.  Fostek named her committee members yesterday.

The Finance, Operating Plan and Sound Horse Task Force members will be announced later this week by chairpersons Medina, Mike McGartland and Frank Eichler.