The Walking Horse Association of Alabama’s Annual Stallion Fee Auction will begin online this coming Saturday February 17, 2024, at noon. The proceeds of this auction are donated by the Walking Horse Association of Alabama to Smile A Mile. A Smile-A-Mile’s mission is to provide hope, healing of the spirit and love for the whole family during the childhood cancer journey.

The owners of 38 of our breeds most popular stallions have donated a stallion fee for each stallion to this auction.
If you are planning to breed to one of these great stallions in 2024 and have not made your breeding arrangements, we highly encourage you to participate in this auction for a worthy cause.

Auctions will begin at noon on Saturday February 17, 2024, and auctions will begin to close, 1 every 10 minutes, beginning at noon on the following Saturday February 24, 2024. To go to the auction which is hosted on the Sugar Creek website click here.