In response to recent false media claims regarding sanctioned events allowing the continued inhumane treatment of Tennessee Walking Horses, a new website,, is being launched to provide up-to-date, verifiable information regarding efforts to correct controversial practices that have surrounded this breed.

“This website is supported by a variety of leading industry organizations that are completely committed to the welfare of Tennessee Walkers and the integrity of shows where they compete,” said Frank Neal, president of The Tennessee Walking Horse Owners Association. ”The public needs to know the truth about what has been done and what the industry is currently doing to protect this majestic animal.”

In addition to providing information on efforts to safeguard the welfare of Tennessee Walking Horses, will offer current press and news, case studies and technical papers, fact sheets and answers to frequently asked questions as well as links to government and industry websites.

Though prohibited for decades under the Horse Protection Act of 1970, unscrupulous trainers sometimes attempt to mask brutal training methods used to produce the characteristic gaits of the Tennessee Walking Horse. After a 51 percent decline in the number of violations in 2006, more than 99 percent of horses inspected in 2007 were deemed in compliance with the Horse Protection Act. was established as a resource to provide factual information concerning efforts to promote and ensure the health and safety of the Tennessee Walking Horse, often recognized as “the world’s greatest show, trail and pleasure horse.” is supported by several leading industry organizations including the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association, the Walking Horse Owners Association of America, the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration and the Walking Horse Trainers Association.