The JW Morgan family has generously donated the use of a two-ton truck and trailer and the cost of fuel to take feed to the horses impacted in Oklahoma following the terrible tornado that happened earlier this week. Morgan is working with Joe Green of Celebration Feeds and accepting donations to fill this truck and get it where it is needed the most. Celebration Feeds will also be discounting $1 per bag for all bags that are donated in addition to donating bags themselves. Green can be reached at 615-274-2661.
FAST has joined the effort. Donations can also be made through FAST. If you make your check payable to FAST it will be tax deductible and FAST will purchase the feed on your behalf. Donors can go to the FAST website and donate through PayPal. With this process also send Kathy Zeis an email at [email protected] with a note that the donation is for the OK Feed Campaign.
The efforts of FAST, Celebration Feeds, the Morgan family and the many individuals who are making donations speaks to the big-heartedness of our industry.

Click Here for FAST's web site.