Rebecca Simons, the granddaughter of Harold and Vella Rhea Taylor and the great niece of Billy and Dee Cantrell, was born and raised in Lebanon, Tennessee. It was there in Lebanon Rebecca fell in love with the Tennessee Walking Horse. At just the age of two-years-old, she got her first walking horse. In fact, her mother said Rebecca has been on a horse ever since she could hold her head up. Rebecca started showing lead line, and then continued on to rail classes, taking over the reins from her cousin. At the age of 13, she got her heart horse, Ha Baby. A few short years later her grandfather purchased WGC My Midnight Caller. Rebecca continued to show throughout her entire juvenile career.

After high school, Rebecca attended Austin Peay State University studying nursing. She has watched her aunt, Dee Cantrell, working and being a fundamental part of the walking horse industry. She hopes to be just like her. After a few short years of college, Rebecca came home to help her grandfather run Taylor Stables. 

In 2013, Rebecca met her husband Kenneth Simons. It was in the fall of 2017 that they were married in the Big Oval, being only the second couple to ever do that. After they were married, they bought their farm in Unionville, Tennessee, and just three days later found out they were expecting twins. In July of 2020, they welcomed their twins Harold and Rhea into the world. Harold and Rhea are carrying on the tradition and love of the Tennessee Walking Horse just like their mother.

“I am very excited to be working for the Walking Horse Report,” said Rebecca. “I have loved this industry since I was a little girl, and I look forward to sharing my passion with all of you.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to add Rebecca to our staff,” stated Jeffrey Howard. “Rebecca has a passion for the horse that will fit perfectly with our existing staff. She already attends so many of our shows and has a love for the industry, so becoming a part of our team was a natural fit for both sides.”