SHELBYVILLE, TENN. - Continuing a new tradition at Waterfall Farms, replica ribbons and certificates are being prepared for mail to the breeders of the 2008 World Champions sired by the stallions of Waterfall Farms. This gesture began last year in an effort to bring more awareness to the efforts of the breeders of Tennessee Walking Horses.

"Last year we had a tremendous response of gratitude from our breeders of these horses, when in fact it is we who are grateful to the breeders for their efforts in choosing our stallions for their great mares, waiting up with them at night, foaling them out, taking care of the foals and giving those foals what they need to have the best chance at success. You rarely see the breeders of these great horses in the winners circle unless they still own them. Most admire their "home-breds" from a distance, occasionally seeing them up close at a show." commented  David Williams of Waterfall Farms. In the Championship Stake this year at the Celebration 2 "home-breds" claimed the top 2 honors. The 2008 World Grand Champion Santana's El Nino was bred and raised and still owned by Michael and Ann Jones of Lafayette, Georgia and the 2008 Reserve World Grand Champion Jose's Intimidator was also bred raised and still owned by Randall Ferguson of Union Grove, Alabama. Both of these great horses were sired by stallions at Waterfall.

"Our replica ribbons and certificates are items that a breeder can hang in their office or trophy case and show their friends their success in a field they enjoy," says Williams.

Each breeder of a World Champion and a World Grand Champion sired by a Waterfall Stallion should expect to see these awards coming in the mail very soon. At the 2008 Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration, offspring sired by the Stallions of Waterfall Farms were awarded 38 World Championships and 9 World Grand Championships. These offspring came from the farms of 33 different breeders.