We want to hear from those on the front lines.

1. Tell us your name and where you are from?
2. What is your Occupation?
3. Where do you work?
4. What does your job entail? Tell us about a typical day for you.
5. How has the Coronavirus affected your job?
6. How long have you been in the horse business and/or how are you related to the Tennessee Walking Horse Industry?
7. Do you currently have horses in training and if so who are they and who is your trainer?
8. Tell us about a special horse related memory whether in the ring, on the trail or at the barn?
9. Do you have any personal words of encouragement that you would like to pass along to your friends and family in the horse industry?

The Walking Horse Report would like to thank you for your service to our nation, our communities and our Walking Horse Industry as we all try and deal with this pandemic that our country is facing.

If you are in the medical profession and would like to submit your information for this Q & A, please submit your response to [email protected], along with 1-2 photos.