Joel Weaver took the week off and the competition cut into his lead but it's too little and too late.  Joel continues to lead the Riders Cup standings for the 24th straight week with 30,730 points in 183 classes.  Second place honors go to last year's winner Link Webb with 26,190 points in 167 classes.  Link won the competition with 25,320 points and finds himself in second place even though he has more points than last year.

     The remainder of the top five remains unchanged with Dick Peebles in third with 25,620 points, Knox Blackburn in fourth with 18,540 and Jimmy McConnell with 17,690.

      The Riders Cup is a joint program of the Walking Horse Report and the Walking Horse Trainers' Association and complete results can be found exclusively on this site or in the weekly edition of the Walking Horse Report.

     The program last year paid out a total of $60,000 while encouraging trainers to show horses at Riders Cup shows.  Shows affiliated with the Riders Cup have seen a surge in entries in Cup classes and the Trainers Association and The Report encourage everyone to support those shows including Cup classes and the generous sponsors who make it all possible.