WHOA Executive Director Tommy Hall and Dr. Steve Mullins, President of SHOW have met several times to work on a special affiliation program to help ribbon only shows across the country. The following agreement is similar to the special affiliation program with the NHSC in past years. Exhibitors at these events will qualify for an exemption from the SHOW Horse Card and will pay $6 per horse per day for inspections. The following is the criteria for a show to qualify for the special affiliation through WHOA.

• The Show was a ribbon only event in 2009 or a new ribbon only event in 2010 (No Pay Back)

• Show must be sanctioned with WHOA and affiliated with SHOW HIO

"This agreement will help exhibitors that support ribbon only WHOA Sanctioned events. I appreciate Dr. Mullins working with us to provide a benefit to WHOA members", said Tommy Hall. WHOA is affiliating shows across the country with several HIOs in 2010 and will continue to take steps that will not only benefit WHOA members but also ensure the utmost enforcement of the HPA at WHOA sanctioned events. Exhibitors at WHOA sanctioned events must be a current member of WHOA or hold a trainer's license.

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