The WHOA Jamboree, scheduled for March 31-April 2 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, has revised a few classes for the show. The revisions will be highlighted in yellow on the pdf.

• Class 16 is moved to after Class 22
• 20A added – Riders' Cup Novice Horse Open
• 37A added – Stock Seat Equitation
• 40A added – SSH Country Pleasure Amateur
• 54 split – A. Youth 17 & Under, B. Adult
• 84 – Novice Horse Novice Youth Rider OT

A reminder that all entries must be made 24 hours prior to the start of each show session.
Entries may be made on-line by checking the WHOA website at
This is a new rule for all WHOA sponsored events in 2022.
To make entries and make payment please click here for the WHOA website

Revised Jamboree Show Schedule
Jamboree Rules Click Here