The Walking Horse Owners' Association would like to remind everyone of the following...

• WHOA Membership is due by March 1, 2024 to receive the discounted rates!

All exhibitors and owners must be WHOA Members to participate at any WHOA affiliated event! Membership can be mailed into the WHOA Office at P.O. Box 4007 Murfreesboro TN 37129 or paid through

After March 1, 2024 WHOA Membership fees will be as follows:

Individual $100
Family $125
Youth $30

• Spotted Saddle Horse Classes for 2024 

WHOA Spotted Saddle Horse classes are open to horses that are registered with SSHBEA or have been certified Tobiano, Sabino, Overo, or Splash White by University of California Davis DNA testing. (White Pattern Panel 1).  Here is a link to that testing information: White Pattern Panel 1 | Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (


• The Pennyroyal Charity Horse Show will be held March 7-9, 2024 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.

Entries are open at