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WHOA Register of Merit Certificate Award Winners

The following are recipients of the WHOA Register of Merit Certificate Awards, presented at the WHOA Banquet on Saturday, February 11, 2012 in Murfreesboro, Tenn.


Wise Impact & Shelby Finch
Gold in Trail Pleasure English Specialty
Diamond in Equitation

Leilani's Pride & D.J. Hasler
Diamond in Trail, Games & Contest
Silver in Reining & Western Riding

Heavenly Vision & Patricia Crisp
Silver in Trail, Games & Showmanship
Bronze in Equitation

Rev's Treasure & Shelby Finch
Bronze in Country Pleasure Western Specialty
Diamond in Showmanship

She Just Is & Michael Crisp
Bronze in Games & Contest
Gold in Showmanship
Silver in Equitation

Leilani's Pride & Chase Hasler
Gold in Promotion & Games
Silver in Showmanship
Diamond in Trail & Contest

Black Mountain Mama & Jane Marie Botts
Broze in Trail, Showmanship & Non-Specified Western Pleasure Specialty
Diamond in Games

Whisper Of The River & D.J. Hasler
Gold in Trail, Contest, Showmanship & Promotion
Silver in Trail Pleasure Specialty & Trail Pleasure Western Specialty
Diamond in Games

Hasler's Dream Angel DLD & D.J. Hasler
Bronze in Trail
Silver in Games

Genius Country Rose & Natalie Wilborne
Gold in Jumping
Diamond in Trail, Games, Contest, Showmanship & Equitation


Peddler's Total Recall & Norma Venzon
Bronze in Games, Contest, Jumping & Showmanship

Lucky Josefina & Donna Armstrong
Gold in Dressage
Silver in Games

Outback Express & Sarah Keenan
Diamondin Country Pleasure Western Specialty

Total Knockout & Donna Armstrong
Gold in Dressage

Regal & Randi Taylor
Gold in Trail & Games
Silver in Showmanship & Dressage

Traveling Time & Dan Starnes
Bronze in Contest
Diamond in Trail

Extra Agent & Terre Huebner
Gold in Games
Silver in Lite-Shod Specialty

Victory Trip & Linda Starnes
Diamond in Trail, Games & Reining
Gold in Contest & Jumping
Silver in Western Riding
Bronze in Showmanship

Mr. Extra Motion & Terre Huebner
Silver in Lite-Shod Specialty

Leilani's Pride & Louise, Don & Deanna Hasler
Bronze in Showmanship
Silver in Games
Diamond in Trail & Contest

Remembrance's Starfire & Deanna Hasler
Gold in Trail
Diamond in Games & Contest

Whisper Of The River & Don & Deanna Hasler
Bronze in Trail & Games

Rebelation & Linda Starnes
Bronze in Equitation, Western Riding & Promotion
Gold in Trail
Silver in Lite-Shod Specialty
Diamond in Games, Contest, Reining & Showmanship

Dolly Dumas & the John Wright Family & Ada Kitty Keene
Gold in Showmanship
Diamond in Trail & Games

Embellished & Donna Armstrong
Bronze in Games
Silver in Dressage

Counselor's Jewel & Terre Huebner
Gold in Lite-Shod Specialty & Games

Rock Solid Rev & Marianne Springer
Bronze in Plantation Pleasure Canter
Gold in Plantation Pleasure Specialty

I'm Angels Amazing Grace & Cynthia Natzke
Diamond in Trail & Contest
Silver in Stock & Promotion
Gold in Showmanship

Heavenly Vision & Wanda Reagan
Bronze in Games & Contest
Silver in Trail

Sweet Dixie Delight & Linda Starnes
Bronze in Contest
Gold in Showmanship
Diamond in Trail

Go Boy's Regis & Christine Pepmeyer
Gold in Trail
Silver in Contest & Games

The Masked Phantom & Catherine Simpson Starnes
Bronze in Western Riding
Gold in Jumping
Silver in Reining & Dressage
Diamond in Trail, Games & Contest

Sir Albert & Susan Havard
Bronze in Country Pleasure Western Specialty & Dressage
Gold in Trail & Showmanship
Silver in Games

Texas News & Laurine Elkins-Marlow
Bronze in Non-Specified Western Specialty & Western Riding
Gold in Trail
Silver in Contest
Diamond in Games

JFK's Carolined & Wanda Reagan
Bronze in Lite-Shod Specialty

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