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WHOA Register of Merit Certificate Winners

The WHOA Register of Merit Certificate Awards were presented on Saturday, February 12, 2011 in Murfreesboro, Tenn. at the annual WHOA Convention and Banquet. The following are the certificate and register of merit winners.

Youth Certificate Winners:

Wise Impact & Shelby Finch
_Gold in Trail Pleasure English No Canter
_Diamond in Equitation & Showmanship

Leilani’s Price & D.J. Hasler
_Diamond in Trail
_Gold in Games & Contest
_Bronze in Equitation

Heavenly Vision & Patricia Crisp
_Diamond in Games & Contest
_Silver in Trail
_Bronze in Country Pleasure Western No Canter, Showmanship & Equitation

Rev’s Treasure & Shelby Finch
_Bronze in Equitation
_Gold in Showmanship, Country Pleasure Western No Canter
_Silver in Games

Leilani’s Pride & Chase Hasler
_Bronze in Trail, Games, Showmanship & Promotion

Whisper Of The River & D.J. Hasler
_Gold in Trail, Games & Showmanship

Remembrance’s Starfire & D.J. Hasler
_Silver in Trail

Adult Certificate Winners:

Peddler’s Total Recal & Norma Venzon
_Bronze in Trail
_Gold in Games, Contest & Promotion

Lucky Josefina & Donna Armstrong
_Bronze in Trail
_Silver in Games & Dressage

Outback Express & Sarah Keenan
_Bronze in Country Pleasure Western No Canter
_Diamond in Country Pleasure English No Canter

Traveling Time, owned by Dan Starnes
_Bronze in Contest & Western Riding
_Gold in Dressage & Games
_Diamond in Trail & Reining
_Silver in Jumping

Extra Agent & Terre Huebner
_Diamond in Lite-Shod No Canter
_Silver in Contest

Stormy’s Secret Traveler & Jessica Marlewski
_Diamond in Games & Contest
_Gold in Trail
_Bronze in Western No Canter & Promotion

Victory Trip, owned by Linda Starnes
_Diamond in Taril
_Gold in Games, Reining & Jumping
_Silver in Contest & Showmanship

Mr. Extra Motion & Terre Huebner
_Gold in Trail Pleasure English No Canter

Leilani’s Pride, owned by Louise, Don & Deanna Haler
_Bronze in Promotion
_Gold in Games
_Diamond in Trail & Contest

Remembrance’s Starfire, owned by Deanna Hasler
_Gold in Contest
_Silver in Trail
_Diamond in Games

Rebelation, owned by Linda Starnes
_Diamond in Games & Reining
_Gold in Contest
_Bronze in Trail

Dolly Dumas with the John Wright Family & Ada Kitty Keen
_Diamond in Trail, Games & Showmanship

Counselor’s Jewel & Terre Huebner
_Gold in Lite-Shod No Canter
_Bronze in Games
_Silver in Lite-Shod Western No Canter

Pride’s Lexus & Karen Parker
_Silver in Trail Pleasure No Canter
_Bronze in Games, Model & Trail Pleasure Western No Canter

Doing Time In Texas & Marianne Springer
_Bronze in Model & Contest

I’m Angel’s Amazing Grace & Cynthia Natzke
_Diamond in Trail
_Bronze in Games, Contest, Showmanship, Equitation & Promotion

Heavenly Vision & Wanda Reagan
_Gold in Trail & Games

Brilliant Disguise & Irene Wise
_Bronze in Games

Designer Edition & Angela Patterson
_Bronze in Trail

Generator’s Evil Outbreak & Mary Helen Martin
_Bronze in Model
_Gold in Games
_Silver in Showmanship & Trail

Perfection’s Masterpiece & Glenda Lee
_Bronze in Promotion

Skyjacker’s Mountain High, Tracy Pinson & Wayne Conkle
_Bronze in Equitation, Reining, Games & Trail
_Silver in Contest & Western Riding

Regal Rebel & Tracy Pinson
_Silver in Trail, Games & Promotion
_Bronze in Showmanship & Contest

Sweet Dixie Delight & Linda Starnes
_Bronze in Showmanship
_Silver in Trail

Gen’s Armed To The Max and Wanda & Danny Reagan
_Silver in Trail Pleasure English No Canter
_Bronze in Games

Pride’s Trigger Finger & Janet Knight
_Bronze in Lite-Shod No Canter
_Gold in Trail
_Diamond in Contest
_Silver in Western Riding & Games

Best In Blue & Leslie Perry
_Bronze in Equitation
_Gold in Dressage

Go Boy’s Regis & Christine Pepmeyer
_Bronze in Western Riding & Equitation
_Gold in Games
_Diamond in Trail
_Silver in Contest

The Masked Phantom & Catherine Simpson Starnes
_Bronze in Trail
_Gold in Contest
_Diamond in Games
_Silver in Jumping & Dressage

Sir Albert & Susan Havard
_Bronze in Showmanship

Texas News & Laurine Elkins-Marlow
_Gold in Trail
_Diamond in Games & Promotion

Perfection’s Masterpiece & Glenda Le

_Bronze in Promotion

Hillbilly Heaven & Melissa Reagan
_Bronze in Games

The American Legend & Sandy Harris
_Bronze in Reining, Western Riding & Dressage
_Gold in Trail
_Silver in Games

JFK’s Carolined & Wanda Reagan
_Gold in Lite-Shod No Canter
_Silver in Western Lite-Shod No Canter

Brilliant Disguise & Irene Wise
_Bronze in Games

Certificate of Merit Award Winners
_Our Gambling Spirit & Karen Parker
_Perfection’s Masterpiece & Glenda Lee

Register of Merit Winners
_Generator’s Evil Outbreak & Mary Helen Martin
_Pride’s Lexus & Karen Parker

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