MURFREESBORO, TENN. -- At today's meeting, the WHOA Board of Directors approved the following statement to all owners and trainers in our industry:

Within the Walking Horse industry, the 2006 show season will be a year of transition for all groups involved.

The Walking Horse Trainers' Association is committed to proper training methods for our horses, oversight control in the trailer preparation areas, improving the image of our horses being led to the inspection areas and in the show ring, and presenting a sound horse to the inspection area.

As owners, we have a responsibility to the industry.  Trainers are working tirelessly to improve our breed and they need our support more than ever.  Some things all owners want to consider are:

1. Be educated about the 2006 changes in the inspection area by both our industry DQP's and government VMO's.
2. Make an appointment with your trainer to discuss your horse(s) and how these changes impact the 2006 season.  Due to the changes, some horses which were eligible to show in 2005 may not be eligible to show this year.
3. If your horse(s) is not eligible to show this year, discuss options such as boarding for a period of time, an alternative use other than showing, or sale.
4. Ensure to your trainer your interest in a compliant horse and that you want open communication and disclosure throughout the season.
5. Be involved and stay involved with your horses.

The 2006 show season will provide a positive turning point for our industry and as owners we each want to do our part to make this happen.  Please communicate any suggestions you may have to our office.  We can be reached at 615-494-8822 or

Our best wishes to each of you for the 2006 show season.