By Sis Osborne

Recently the May 25- WHOA Versatility Show held at Womack Stables in Murfreesboro and the June 15- Cookeville Versatility Show held at  Hyder Bark Agricultural Pavilion in Cookeville, Tennessee drew a large number of entries. Both shows experienced good participation.

Chris Bobo did an excellent job as the Judge for the Murfreesboro Show with 365 entries making the gate call. Tommy Hall served as the announcer. Theresa Owen, Ada Wright, Sis Osborne and Mark Taylor served as the support group at the entry table with Diana McMurtrey helping out until her flight out of Tennessee drew her away.  As always, John Wright, Larry Starnes and Vic Gernt were on hand to man the trail courses.
Hyder Bark Agricultural Pavilion in Cookeville is a wonderful place to show on these hot sunny days as the addition of the big a** fans  installed in the ceilings kept the hot competition cool all day.  Great concessions stand and good parking add to the mix making Cookeville the place to go to show your flat shod horse. Once again exhibitors new to the versatility scene were on hand to test their meddle against the seasoned veterans. Douglas Ann McGovern did an outstanding job as the judge for the day with 225 entries participating.
These shows provide the entire family with a wonderful fun filled day. If there is a flat shod horse around that isn’t showing in the WHOA Versatility Shows you certainly need to test your mettle July 6th Rising Glory Farms in Lewisburg, Tennessee located on the Franklin Highway. Starting promptly at 11:00am Ida Marie and Chris will be the hosts for this WHOA Show so plan now to attend as the facility is top notch and Ida Marie and Chris will certainly make you welcome.