by Sara Engel


            Stallion and mare owners alike are continually on the look out for that top cross. The specific mixing of bloodlines that will produce top offspring for each person’s specific needs, whether it is for the next world champion, or simply the perfect trail horse. The Walking Horse Report has added one more useful tool to help breeders make their most beneficial decision: the Stallion Report.

            At the beginning of 2007, it was decided to create a program to enrich the use of our ever-growing database of horse statistics. The Stallion Report is sculpted around our successful High Point Report. Points that are earned by this past season’s show horses are also credited to their sires and then tallied. Points are not only kept as an overall total, but they are also broken down by division and category. This is done to further aid breeders in being able to see which stallions are producing the most successful show horses, while at the same time showcasing those top producers in each division.

            With results amassed from 320 shows in 25 different states and Canada, it is a prime way to be able to keep track of the success of individual stallions through their offsprings’ show ring accomplishments. By visiting throughout the show year, it is now possible for breeders and owners to stay informed of their favorite sire’s ratings.

            The following is an overview of the top 20 overall sires of 2007.

            The top placing position goes to a stallion that only started his breeding career a short eight years ago. José José, along with his own two world championships and two world grand championships, produced get that walked away with a combined total of 14 National Celebration blue and tricolor ribbons in 2007 alone. This striking black stallion sired by Gen’s Major General and out of a Pride’s Stormy Night mare, not only placed first in the overall category of this Stallion Report, but dominated 10 of the individual categories as well. These included the Amateur Four-Year-Old, Amateur Ladies, Amateur Three-Year-Old, Amateur Two-Year-Old, Four-Year-Old, Open Specialty, Three-Year-Old, Two-Year-Old and Youth 11 and Under. The final category that José José topped was the Emerging. This category keeps track of only those show horses between the ages of two and three. José José’s dominance in the Stallion Report just goes to show his strength in producing talents that span throughout the amateur and open ranks.

            The 1994 World Grand Champion Gen’s Armed And Dangerous continues to sire proven show ring competitors topping out the overall chart in the number two position. He is accredited as being one of four stallions in the Stallion Report’s top 20 to have sired a world grand champion. In 2003 The Whole Nine Yards earned that honor for his accomplished sire, once again proving Gen’s Armed And Dangerous’s ability to pass along his great bloodlines. In 2006, Frank and Debbie Eichler purchased a portion of interest in Gen’s Armed And Dangerous and joined in the already existing partnership of Armed Group LLC, thus moving him to the continually growing roster of stallions at Rising Star Ranch. By Pride’s Generator and out of an Ebony Masterpiece mare, this beautiful sorrel stallion topped eight of the categories including Amateur Plantation/Park Pleasure, Amateur Show Pleasure, Four and Under Plantation/Park Pleasure, Model, Plantation/Park Pleasure, Walking Horse Championship, Walking Horse Mares and Geldings and Western Plantation/Park Pleasure.

            Another Pride’s Generator son, Generator’s Silver Dollar, earned his spot on the overall sire list, coming in at number three. This flashy grey stallion has firmly established his place in the breeding world, claiming first in four categories and also ranking second in the Emerging category. With offspring participating in over 1,000 classes, Generator’s Silver Dollar dominated the Adult Pony, Country Pleasure, Show Pleasure and Youth Country Pleasure categories. At the 2007 Celebration, his get claimed four world championship titles and one world grand championship title, showing he has the ability to pass on his world grand championship genes. Also, in 2007, his offspring An All Mighty Dollar earned a world grand championship title at both the Tennessee Walking Horse championship show and the Spotted Saddle Horse championship show, becoming the first horse to accomplish that feat.

            Coming in at number four is again another stallion out of Pride’s Generator. A Jazz Man is the second stallion in the top 20 ranking sires to have produced a world grand champion offspring. This honor was bestowed upon him this past year with the culmination of Master Of Jazz. Out of a Pride Of Midnight mare, A Jazz Man topped the Amateur Specialty category along with placing sixth in the Emerging. His offspring were awarded six world championships, eight reserve world championships, three world grand championships and three reserve world grand championships this past year alone. This top producing sorrel stallion is proving his has something to offer in every division.

            World Grand Champion Gen’s Major General has been a force to be reckoned with in the breeding world for over 15 years now. By Pride’s Generator and out of a Sun’s Delight mare, Gen’s Major General earned himself the fifth place honor in the overall category with five first place categories. Along with placing ninth in the Emerging category, this top sorrel sire had offspring capture five Celebration blue ribbons and one tricolor streamer. His heavy dominance was in the 15.2 & Under, Amateur 15.2 & Under, Fine Harness, Pro-Am and Youth Pony.

            Another one of Waterfall Farms top stallions captured the sixth place position on the overall chart. The 1996 World Grand Champion He’s Puttin’ On The Ritz had offspring in the show ring last year that earned him just shy of 9,000 points, claiming the Amateur Canter, Four and Under Show Pleasure and Walking Horse Auxiliary categories, along with third in the Emerging category. With one get claiming a 2007 world grand championship and seven others capturing world championship honors, it is no surprise why He’s Puttin’ On The Ritz is one of the industry’s leading stallions.

            Taking the seventh position is three-time World Grand Champion JFK, another Pride’s Generator offspring and Waterfall owned sire. Out of a Delight’s Counselor mare, this stunning chocolate roan sire with three world grand champions and nine world champions this past year pushed him to the top spots three categories. These included Amateur 50 & Over, Amateur Park Performance and Park Performance showing his get’s ability in both performance and pleasure divisions.

            I’m In Command came in eighth in the overall category, while also capturing the eighth place in the Emerging category. Sired by A Command Performance (the same sire as He’s Puttin’ On The Ritz) and out of a Pride’s Gold Coin mare, two-time World Grand Champion I’m In Command has consistently produced offspring that can be found in the winner’s circle each weekend during the show season. At this past year’s Celebration, his get claimed one reserve world grand championship, one world championship and seven reserve world championships.

            Topping the Amateur Owned & Trained and 17 & Under categories and placing ninth in the overall was one of the Joe Martin Stables established stallions, World Grand Champion The Skywatch. Like many of their other top 10 overall stallions, The Skywatch is sired by Pride’s Generator and out of a Pride’s Delight K. mare. Pushing The Skywatch over the 7,000-point mark was his get that claimed two-reserve world grand championship, two world championships and three reserve world championships.

            Rounding out the top 10 in the overall category is Pusher Busting Loose. By The Pusher C.G., Pusher Busting Loose had two offspring walk away with reserve world championships at the 2007 Celebration. Even though the three-time world grand champion was required to be gelded in late 2004/early 2005, his get continue to perform strong weekend after weekend in the show ring earning him over 6,000 points.

            The 11th place stallion sired an impressive nine of the 20 top overall stallions. If this was not amazing in itself, this stallion continues to stand at the top of the breeding charts even though he passed away in July of 2001. Eleventh place honors go to no other then industry shaping stallion Pride’s Generator. Sired by Pride Of Midnight H.F. and out of a Spirit Of Midnight mare, Pride’s Generator is also famous for his three world grand championship victories in the two, three and four-year-old divisions. Also credited to his amazing resume is his two world grand champion offspring Gen’s Armed And Dangerous and Generator’s Santana who themselves have gone on to be top producing sires in our Stallion Report. At the 2007 Celebration alone, six years after his passing, Pride’s Generator’s offspring continue to be strong in the show ring with one world grand championship, one reserve world championship, seven world championships and four reserve world championships. For Pride’s Generator to continue to still have so many top performing get in the show ring just goes to show how important and astonishing his bloodlines are.

            Coming in the 12th position is the 2002 World Grand Champion Out On Parole. By Pusher’s Doing Time and out of a Pride’s Gold Coin mare, this striking black roan stallion has been producing offspring that are carrying on his talent. He captured fourth in the Emerging category and his world grand champion daughter Pat Head Summit skyrocketed him to the first place seating in the Yearling category. At the 2007 Celebration, Out On Parole’s get earned him points with one world grand championship, three world championships and three reserve world championships.

            The Waterfall Farms stallion Lined With Cash entered the overall in the 13th position and earned the fifth place ranking in the Emerging category. This strikingly beautiful grey stallion by Coin’s Hard Cash and out of a Pride’s Generator mare began his breeding career with his first crop foaled in 2001. He has quickly risen to become one of the top-producing stallions in the industry. His get were awarded with five blue and tricolor ribbons along with three reserve honors at this past year’s Celebration.

            Taking the 14th position is two-time World Grand Champion Generator’s Sundrop, another Pride’s Generator offspring. This stunning sorrel stallion is the sire of 2007 four-time world grand champion and five-time world champion Drop The Hammer. With those impressive wins this past year Generator’s Sundrop pushed his way to the top spot of four categories. These included Amateur Four & Under Plantation Pleasure Lite-Shod, Amateur Plantation Pleasure Lite-Shod, Plantation Pleasure Lite-Shod and Western Plantation Pleasure Lite-Shod, showing his get’s domination in the pleasure division.

            Once again proving that deceased stallions can continue to leave their mark long after they have passed is World Grand Champion Coin’s Hard Cash, coming in 15th in the overall rating list. Sire of World Grand Champion Cash For Keeps, Coin’s Hard Cash had get that walked away with two world championship titles and two reserve world championship titles at this past year’s Celebration. With over 4,000 points earned by his offspring last season in the show ring, this stallion by Pride’s Gold Coin and out of a Pride Of Midnight H.F. mare has definitely left his mark on the breeding industry.

            Coming in at number 16 is again another stallion out of Pride’s Generator. Out of a Triple Threat mare, Gen’s Way-High Willie, a striking sorrel stallion, earned over 4,000 points with his offspring proving to be top competitors in the show ring.

            Another Pride’s Gold Coin son, Gold Power, has earned his spot on the overall sire list, coming in at number 17. This gorgeous black stallion has continued to establish his place in the breeding world, claiming the honor of being the sire of 2005 World Grand Champion Main Power. With offspring earning him over 3,000 points, Gold Power’s get claimed three world championship titles at this past year’s Celebration.

            Taking the 18th position is two-time World Grand Champion Pusher All Color. By The Pusher C.G. and out of an Ebony Masterpiece mare, this stunning brown sire had one reserve world grand champion, one world champion and one reserve world champion this past year, which pushed him into the top 20 overall stallions.

            Finding themselves in the 19th position was another Waterfall owned Pride’s Generator stallion, 1997 World Grand Champion Generator’s Santana. Pushing Generator’s Santana over the 3,000-point mark was his get that claimed one world grand championship and an impressive seven world championships.

            Rounding out the top 20 overall sires is Hard Texas Cash. By Coin’s Hard Cash, Hard Texas Cash’s offspring have done well in divisions across the board and across the country. This beautiful black stallion is passing on his world grand championship abilities to his offspring who were awarded with one world championship and one reserve world championship at the 2007 Celebration.

            With a well-rounded mixture of young and old stallions, living and deceased, the Stallion Report is a useful tool for anyone looking for the extra edge in their breeding program, or is just curious as to the recent breeding trends. Continue to visit during the coming show season to see how the offspring of the top-producing stallions push their sires up and down the charts.