SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. - The Walking Horse Trainers' Association Board of Directors held an important meeting on Monday, Jan. 10, 2005. The most important outcomes of the meeting included the decision to purchase land and to proceed with their building, as well as  a working relationship with the Walking Horse Report. The following are some of the items discussed and voted on according to the minutes of the meeting.
   The following board members were present for the meeting: President David Landrum, Billy Gray, Jamie Hankins, Knox Blackburn, Mack Motes, Bill Bobo, Allan Callaway, Wayne Dean, Link Webb, Mickey McCormick, Ronnie Spears and Jerry Collier. Those not in attendance were Bill Cantrell, Benny Johnson and Tommy Loid.
   The new committee appointees were announced and voted on. NHSC Members are David Landrum, Knox Blackburn and Mack Motes. NHSC Alternates are Chris Bobo, Jamie Hankins, Mickey McCormick and Link Webb. Chairman of the Budget Committee is Wayne Dean and members are Knox Blackburn and Billy Thomas. The Building Committee consists of Chairman Bill Cantrell, Billy Gray, Benny Johnson and Bill Young.
Pleasure committee members are Chairman Jamie Hankins, Wendy Boyd, Howard Hamilton, Mike Civils, Scott Benham, Wallace Brandon, Jeff Givens, Rick Wies, Melanie Eifling and Shirley Ensey. The National Trainers' Show Co-Chairman are Benny Johnson and Buist Carr, along with committee members Bill Cantrell, Ronnie Spears, Howard Hamilton, Mike McCormick, Bill Young and Ross Campbell. The Scholarship Committee consists of Chairman Spencer Benedict, Jerry Collier, Mike McCormick and Carlyle Johnson. Mickey McCormick chairs the Ethics Committee consisting of member of Vice Chairman Justin Jenne¹, Bill Bobo, Chad Williams, Dan Waddell, Brock Tillman and John Allan Callaway. Banquet Committee Chairman David Landrum is joined by Bill Cantrell, Sammy Day and Chris Bobo. Personnel Committee Members are Chairman Knox Blackburn, David Landrum, Allan Callaway, Gary Hollin and Wayne Dean. The web site Committee consists of Chairman Spencer Benedict, Wendy Boyd and David Howard. The Licensing/Membership Enforcement Committee has two parts; Members: Jamie Hankins and Link Webb and Licenses: Bill Cantrell and Ronnie Spears. Youth Council Chairman Herbert Derickson¹s committee consists of Mike Civils, Mike McCormick, Diane McMurtrey, Dickie Scrivner, Charlie Green and Deanne Hasler. The Grand Prize Giveaway members are Chairman Bill Cantrell, Benny Johnson, Jamie Hankins and Rob Brainard.
   Jill Derickson was present to discuss the Youth Report. The WHTA has had a youth group since 1995. Plans are being made to coordinate the TWHBEA and WHTA programs to eliminate future scheduling problems. Joni Jenne has emailed the TWHBEA schedule for their youth events for 2005. Ron Thomas was commended for his work with the youth programs. Charlie Green Stables will sponsor the pizza for the Youth Room at the Trainers' Show.  Ronnie Spears will donate drinks and Allan Callaway also volunteered assistance. It was announced that Lindsey Landrum won the youth logo contest and the Youth Council will have t-shirts to sell. What A Horse is to interview the youth, based on WHTA youth group. Landrum stated he would like to the the WHTA group and the TWHBEA group get together and have some joint activities. A motion was made and passed to donate television expenses for the Youth Council. The board thanked Jill for coming.
   Land for the WHTA building was discussed as well as the contract with the Celebration. The board expressed that they want to buy land. The Board made and passed the motion to let Johnny Smith and Bobby Lovvell to go forward and to look into permits for the land discussed. The board voted to let the building committee have the authority to finalize and make any changes needed. Mickey McCormick and Knox Blackburn are in charge of negotiating with Lovvell and Smith.
   Danny Burks made a proposal concerning his new walking horse publication and asked for the trainers' assistance. Contracts will be available in the next 30 days for trainers. The board thanked Danny for his presentation and attendance.
   The WHTA web site is up and running.
   Property on Madison Street and financing of it was discussed. The lot is 140 X 100 feet. The motion was passed to give authority of the Building Committee to look into buying the property on Madison Street.
   The Riders Cup program was discussed and it was announced that the Walking Horse Report would be willing to use their show results to develop a program to keep up with the points earned by both trainers and horses as part of the Riders' Cup. (For more information, see separate story in this issue). A discussion followed and it was voted to have the Walking Horse Report be the official publication for the WHTA.
   Mickey McCormick stated that the 50/50 drawing at the Trainers' Show would give 50 percent to the winner, 25 percent to the Youth Council and 25 percent to the building fund.
   The banquet location was discussed and it was agreed that they would stay in Franklin. This was voted at the trainers' meeting in December. Joe Cotten and Jeff Givens were in charge of the silent auction and the profit from it was $24,000.
   David Landrum said that Neils Holch had called and that the USDA joint training in Shelbyville had moved to February.
   A motion was made and passed that they give a President's Award for an outstanding member. This is to be a member at large and is not to be a board of directors member or an officer. The meeting adjourned at 5:30.