After much success last year, The Walking Horse Trainers' Association is happy to announce that electronic voting for this year's Horse of the Year awards is back again. Voting online will be open for two weeks beginning November 1st and ending November 14th at midnight.

With this voting option, it is WHTA’s hope to have made the process easier for trainers, again resulting in greater participation in the voting process. Trainers will be able to login using their trainers' license number, and once in the system trainers will create a login and password that will allow them to vote.

As part of the online voting, trainers will be able to vote using any device, computer, phone, tablet, etc. Simply select the category and scroll the horses' names alphabetically until you find the horse you would like to vote for. The horses listed come from the High Point categories in Walking Horse Report so only horses that have earned a ribbon in 2022 will be listed in each category. In some categories mares, gelding and stallions will all be listed but you would only select the appropriate horse for the gender of the division you are voting in.

Below, find a step-by-step instruction guide for how to vote. If you have any questions reach out to Mel in the office, 931-684-5866.

Make note, the final day for voting will be November 14th at midnight.

1.) Click here to access the app.

2.) Enter your trainers license number
A. If you enter an incorrect number or an inactive number the system will display an error message and give you the number to call to correct your information
B. Once you enter your number, it will prompt you to add your email address and choose a password.

3.) Once that’s done, you’ll be passed to the ballot page that lists the available categories. To vote, just click the “Vote” button next to them.

4.) Click on a horses name, then click the Save Vote button.

5.) For the text categories (one night show, multi-night show, etc.), those work the same way, they just require you to complete a text entry rather than selecting a horse from the list.

6.) Once you’ve completed voting but are not yet ready to cast the final ballot, log out (top right) and then return to the login page. Enter your license number again. You’ll notice that it asks you to log in now, because it knows that you’ve created a password and an ID.

7.) When you’re ready, click the “Submit My Final Ballot” button and it will be saved.

8.) You’ll notice that if you “View Ballot” you’ll be able to see all of your choices, but you can no longer edit them.

9.) You’ll receive an email with a copy of your ballot.