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WHTA newsletter from the President

(Editor's note: the following was submitted by WHTA President, Bill Cantrell) 

Hello all!  I pray that everyone had a safe trip home. The 82nd Annual Celebration was certainly one to remember in many ways. The quantity and quality of horses presented were outstanding.  The spectators were energized, the decorations were beautiful and the rain plentiful. 

Congratulations to all of the participants and a salute to all the winners especially to our 2020  WORLD GRAND CHAMPION “MASTERS RAZZLE AND JAZZ” OWNED BY THE ALAN RIDDLEY FAMILY AND TRAINED AND RIDDEN BY JOHN ALLAN CALLAWAY.

Many of us have been a Professional Trainer long enough to appreciate the rich history this business has to offer.  I hope it is reasonable to say we (Professional Trainers) understand the important role we play in the scope of the Industry at large.  We have witnessed more changes this year than any other year.  I would love to report that all the changes are for the good of the horse and the horse industry. I would love to report that our entire industry joined together for the betterment of our special “horse”.  I would love to report that our compliant rate was 100% and we no longer had to be monitored by others.  I would love to report that our judging issues were fixed.  I would love to report that the entire universe saw “our horse” as we see it and that all the bad perceptions had vanished.

Unfortunately, the changes we have experienced make our business and apparently our world a new place, a place I was not able to envision prior to 2020.  What I am referring to is Social Distancing and people being fearful of their health and mandates to wear masks.  This also includes not being able to dine in a restaurant, children not attending school, sporting events cancelled and much more.  I find this all difficult to believe but, it is true.  I have heard this referred to as the “NEW NORMAL” far too many times.  Typically, during our career as a Professional Trainer, we try to fine innovative ways to train our horse, make sure our accounting ledgers are accurate so that we stay in business, and yes, we deal with legislation and politics….and more.  Our world leaders make plans for every type of natural disaster possible, terrorist attacks, technological complications, hackers, financial assessments for all, but never a PANDEMIC.  Hopefully, our future will be brighter…and it will be if the QUALITY of our horses are any indicator.  As I embark on the remaining few months of my term as your President, I want to say I am proud of our Association and our licensed members.  The WHTA  has repeatedly risen to the challenges placed in our paths throughout 2020.  Yes, a pandemic has tightened its grip on our Association, our States, and our Nation at large, but we Professional Trainers have proven stronger than ever and realized the power in numbers.  


Morgan Grace McCormick, daughter of Mickey & Dru McCormick
Bryce Mathew Way, son of Tara Boyce & Chad Way

***RIDER CUP REPORT:  All categories sponsored. This has never been done before.

# of Horses: 53   # of Horses Run:  51 # of Horses Sold:  36  % of Horses Sold/Run:  68.63%

A HUGE thank you to Kenny Lawrence for his guidance and hard work.

***WHTA Board of Directors voted to waive the requirement that all licensed trainers had to attend 2 meetings to be eligible to receive Rider Cup money, apply for WHTA Scholarship, and be recognized as Trainer of the Year.  This is for the 2020 year only.

***WHTA BANQUET AND DINNER: This event is scheduled for Dec.11 & 12, 2020 at the Marriott Hotel Conference Center in Franklin, Tn. The Hotel deadline for discounted rooms is Nov. 11, 2020. Call today for reservations for the discounted rate of $142:  615-261-6100   

As of the end of August, SHOW has had 24 shows.  Out of the 24 shows they have issued 13 bilateral sensitivity violations to WHTA licensed members.  9 Trainers hold 1 violation each and 2 Trainers hold 2 or more violations each.

DATE:  October 8-10, 2020
Time:  6:00pm CT
Location:  Calsonic Arena
Judges:  Jerry Collier, Robert Cortner, and Mike Hilley

***A “thank you” to NCWHA for allowing the WHTA to use their show dates for a one time event.*** 

Remember online entries:

I end with this message:
If you dare do something, expect obstacles.  If you dare say something, expect criticism.  If you dare to stay the same as you are now, expect disappointment.

Be Safe….Bill Cantrell                                     

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