For immediate news release:


Notice to the General Membership of the WHTA



The proposed 2007-2009 Operating Plan is being placed on the Walking Horse Trainers Association web site for the general membership of the trainers association to review.


This proposed plan has been negotiated for over 2 years by previous administration.


I urge you to read this proposed plan, and I request your support in the decision that this should not be the plan that we submit to the USDA.


Because of just being recently elected and the fact that this new administration has not had the time to become familiar with the proposed plan, nor have we been able to receive comments or discussions from the general membership, I would like to propose to Niels Holch that the WHTA submit the 2004-2006 Operating Plan that we have been under rather than the one that is on the web site for review.


Any concerns or comments need to be directed to the WHTA office or call Wink Groover directly at 903-235-4161.



Wink Groover


Walking Horse Trainers Association 

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