Editor’s Note: The Walking Horse Trainers Association submitted the following resolution, drafted by Craig Evans and Neils Holch, to the USDA.

We resolve that the Walking Horse Trainers’ Association strenuously objects to the USDA use of Dr. Michael Guedron for equine inspections for compliance with the Horse Protection Act for the following reasons:

1. Dr. Guedron demonstrates an unprofessional attitude and demeanor not worthy of a USDA official.

2. Dr. Guedron demonstrates a bias against padded and flat shod performance Tennessee Walking Horses, trainers and owners.

3. Dr. Guedron fails and/or refuses to cooperate with detail officials and DQPs and horse show management.

4. Dr. Guedron’s results from his equine inspections are markedly different from others lending an air of subjectivity.

5. Dr. Guedron is a party to more than 50% of conflict resolution cases.

6. Dr. Guedron has acted in such fashion, for such a period of time that, reasonable minded trainers and owners refuse to allow their horses to participate in events in which Dr. Guedron participates in the inspection.