The Walking Horse Trainers’ Association (WHTA) has suspended the license of Chad Way for a period of two years.  The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration earlier announced a two year ban of Way at Celebration events. 

“We are in full support of the Celebration’s decision earlier tonight,” said WHTA President Jamie Hankins.  Way received a bilateral sensitivity ticket on an entry at the August 30, 2012 performance of the 74th Annual Celebration.   The violation was issued by the SHOW HIO and carries a minimum of a one-year suspension.

“The Trainers’ Association takes very serious any violation received by one of its members.  Given the circumstances around this violation, the severity of this violation and the repeat nature of this violation from Chad’s barn the board has decided to suspend Chad’s license for two years, the same period of time of the Celebration’s suspension,” said Hankins.

With the previous announcement of the WHTA enforcement initiative, along with the enhancements to the program initiative during this year’s show, the Celebration and WHTA share a common goal to rid the industry of trainers who do not follow the rules.  More importantly, the welfare of the Tennessee Walking Horse is at the forefront of the WHTA and all other horse lovers.