LEXINGTON, Ky. - The 2010 Kentucky Walking Horse Association Awards Banquet was held Friday, Jan. 14, 2011 at Embassy Suites. A great meal started the festivities on Friday night at 7 p.m. with the awards ceremony following shortly after.

Kicking off the many awards of the night were the Hall of Fame inductees. Sue Alexander, Franklin Langley and Robert Wiley were the honorable recipients of this prestigious award. Congratulations to all the High Point winners!

The Board of Directors, Juvenile Auxiliary, Ladies Auxiliary and the KWHA General Membership meeting were all held on Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011. The association voted on its 2011 Board of Directors and officers. Elected as President was Eddie Ray Davis, First Vice President Bill Carmichael, Second Vice President Billy Howard and Treasurer Jared Scott. Denzil Allen served as President in 2010.

Denzil Allen, Bill Carmichael, Eddie Ray Davis, Dan Grigson, Jamie Hankins, John Jackson, Kemp Martin, Allen McQuerry, Lisa Newsom, Gary Oliver and Kenny Smith were the members who were elected to one-year terms on the board. Billy Howard, Jared Scott, Doug Stephens, Laurie Herchenroeder, Tom Ware, Don Scalf, Billy Joe Hayes, Ray Perkins, Candy Pugh, John Tudor and Roger Varney were elected to two-year terms.

After the meetings, a good time was had by all at the annual dance on Saturday night where music, dancing and a 50/50 drawing kept the fun going into early hours of the morning. It was a great ending to the weekend with the unity of fellowship and friends and everyone hoping for a successful and prosperous 2011.

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Hall of Fame Inductees
1. Sue Alexander
2. Franklin Langley
3. Robert Wiley

Lead Line
1. Casen Mills
2. Garrett Reynolds

Two-Year-Old Filly & Gelding
1. Slew's Blue Angel, Brenda Sebastian, owner; Tyler Oliver, trainer
2. A Fatal Charm - Bob Stannard, owner; John Tudor, trainer

Two-Year-Old Stallion & Gelding
1. Sport's Rambler - M/M Lester Hensley, owners; Tyler Oliver, trainer
2. Mojo's Mojito - Gloria Wiley, owners; Robert Wiley, trainer

Two-Year-Old Amateur
1. Ted Williams All Over - Thomas Ware, owner; Buford Martin, trainer
2. Mr. Magical - Regina Fritsch, owner; Steve Swinford, trainer

Two-Year-Old Open
1. Sport's Rambler - M/M Lester Hensley, owner; Tyler Oliver, trainer
2. I'm Tom Collins - Billy Hunt, owner; Steve Swinford, trainer

Three-Year-Old Mare & Gelding
1. Sweep The Floor - Adycen Williams, owner; Buford Martin, trainer
2. Serving Jose - Vickie Stannard, owner; John Tudor, trainer

Three-Year-Old Stallion & Gelding
1. Lil' Waltzin' Willie - M/M Lester Hensley, owners; Tyler Oliver, trainer
2. Jose N The Rocks - Jack Thompson, owner & trainer

Three-Year-Old Amateur
1. Midnight Escape - Wally Parrish, owner; Marvin Doyle, trainer
2. True Blue's Lady Devine - Thomas Ware, owner; Buford Martin, trainer

Three-Year-Old Open
1. Lil' Waltzin Willie - M/M Lester Hensley, owners; Tyler Oliver, trainer
2. Armed Red And Dangerous - Ronnie Man, owner; Jerry Ping, trainer

Four-Year-Old Open Amateur
1. The Last Bullet - Paige Smith, owner; Darrell Hall & Charlie Stanifer, trainers
2. Lady Of Cash - Thomas Ware, owner; Buford Martin, trainer

Four-Year-Old Open
1. Cheyenne Bodie - Brenda Sebastian, owner; Tyler Oliver, trainer
2. A Grey Goose - Kim Back, owner; Mike Oney, trainer

Amateur Specialty
1. Diamond Eagle - Peggy Bramerloh, owner; Buford Martin, trainer
2. U Say Jose - Danny & Rita Drury, owner; Robert Wiley, trainer

Novice Amateur
1. Escalade - Adycen Williams, owner; Buford Martin, trainer
2. Guaranteed By Dollar - Bill Sowder, owner; Robert Wiley, trainer

Amateur Owned & Trained
1. Mister Blockbuster Bishop - Winstead & Zeller, owners; JoAnne Zeller, trainer
2. Maggie Mae Of Grassland - Olds Farms, owner; JT Olds, trainer

Ladies Amateur
1. Catcher In The Act - Bob Sigmon, owner; Jerry Ping, trainer
2. Seve's Lucky Lady - Sid Montgomery, owner; Buford Martin, trainer

Amateur 15.2 & Under
1. Platinum 33 - Luanne Sigmon, owner; Jerry Ping, trainer
2. Cujo's Mojo - Gloria Wiley, owner; Robert Wiley, trainer

Amateur Open
1. Collateral Damage - John Gillespie, owner; Allen McQuerry, trainer
2. Willie High Score - Olds Farms, owner & trainer

Juvenile 11 & Under
1. A Lil' Mo Magic - Delaney Reynolds, owner; Steve Swinford, trainer
2. Picture Of Power - Kaitlyn Abshear, owner; Darrell Hall, trainer

Juvenile 17 & Under
1. Sir Cat - Allison Becknell, owner; Keith Becknell, trainer
2. My Lucky Colors - Kendra Hall, owner; Darrell Hall & Charlie Stanifer, trainers

Two-Year-Old Plantation Pleasure
1. The Opal Deception - Jennifer Hankins, owner & trainer
2. Luxury Tax - Peggy Bramerloh, owner; Buford Martin, trainer

Three-Year-Old Plantation Pleasure
1. Jose's Coyote Quick - Bob Stannard, owner; Dolly Stannard, trainer
2. He's George Strait - Brandi Floyd, owner; Mike Anasis, trainer

Four-Year-Old Plantation Pleasure
1. A Classical JFK - John Mucci, owner; John Jackson, trainer
2. Clutch's Mastermind - Candy Pugh, owner; Tyler Oliver, trainer

Plantation Pleasure Specialty
1. Dancer's Pushin Alanis - Glenda Kirkland, owner & trainer
2. Spirit's Candy Man - Herb Weiler, owner; Mike Anasis, trainer

Amateur Plantation Pleasure Specialty
1. Dancer's Pushin Alanis - Glenda Kirkland, owner & trainer
2. A Classical JFK - John Mucci, owner; John Jackson, trainer

Plantation Pleasure Lite-Shod
1. Dancer's Pushin Alanis - Glenda Kirkland, owner & trainer
2. Beam's Lightning - Gwen Howard, owner; Billy Howard, trainer

Juvenile Plantation Pleasure
1. Boomerang's Threat - Glenda Kirkland, owner & trainer
2. Dealing On The Corner - Trista Brown, owner; Tim Brown, trainer

Open Park Performance
1. Malibu Irish - Darryl Collins, owner; Buford Martin, trainer
2. She Likes Cash - David Bullock, owner; Darrell Hall, trainer

Four & Under Park Performance
1. Awesome Bayou - Laurie Herchenroeder, owner & trainer
2. Trigger's Pretty Boy - Bob Stannard Robby Stannard, trainer

Amateur Park Performance
1. Wicked's Whassup - Kris Dunn, owner; John Jackson, trainer
2. Risky Business - Bob Stannard, owner; Dolly Stannard, trainer

Amateur Country Pleasure
1. Night Wolf - Debbie Smothers, owner & trainer
2. Triple Bogey - Dianne Wilson, owner & trainer

Juvenile Country Pleasure
1. My Lucky Dollar - Shelby Wright, owner; Tim Wright, trainer
2. Generatin' Colors - Regina Fritsch, owner & trainer

Kentucky Horse Council Trail Pleasure
1. She's A Bad Cat - Debbie Smothers, owner & trainer
2. Ebony's Prize - Hudson & Howard, owners; Billy Howard, trainer

Amateur Show Pleasure
1. The Jose Cuervo - Lynn Oliver, owner; Tyler Oliver, trainer
2. Skywalk's Black Gin - Cloia Collins, owner; Buford Martin, trainer

Open Show Pleasure
1. Bustin' For Cash - David Bullock, owner & trainer
2. Combat Commander - Sabrina Young, owner; Mike Oney, trainer

KWHA Ladies Auxiliary
1. Jennifer Zeller
2. Laurie Herchenroeder

KWHA Ladies Auxiliary Plantation Pleasure
1. Brandi Floyd

Juvenile Walking Pony
1. Stroke Man - Jordon Caudill, owner; Hays & Caudill, trainers
2. I'm Willie The Kid - Wesley Allen, owner & trainer

Amateur Walking Pony
1. Air Force One - Robin Webb, owner; Charlie Stanifer, trainer
2. Level Playing Field - Peggy Bramerloh, owner; Buford Martin, trainer

Walking Yearling
1. Doc Cash - Ella Kline, owner; Mike Janeway, trainer
2. Miss Red Velvet - Barney Shuffett, owner; Billy Howard, trainer

Walking Weanling
1. Doc House - Ella Kline, owner; Mike Janeway, trainer
2. Gen's Charming Lady - Gwenn Howard, owner; Billy Howard, trainer

15.2 & Under Open
1. Shanghai Ritz - Laurie Herchenroeder, owner; Allen McQuerry, trainer
2. Evil's First Delight - Phyllis Coy, owner; Bob McQuerry, trainer

Open Specialty
1. Daytona 500 - Beverly Scalf, owner; Robert Wiley, trainer
2. Watchful Night Owl - Ronnie Pennington, owner; Buford Martin, trainer

Aged Mare & Gelding
1. Rave's Survivor - Peggy Caldwell, owner; Allen McQuerry, trainer
2. Showboat's Heartstopper - Lisa Evans, owner; Mike Oney, trainer

Walking Horse Championship
1. Paladin - Brenda Sebastian, owner; Tyler Oliver, trainer
2. Johnny Orlando - Linda Patton, owner; Mike Oney, trainer

KSOA Two-Year-Old
1. Sport's Rambler - M/M Lester Hensley, owners; Tyler Oliver, trainer

KSOA Three-Year-Old
1. Lil' Waltzin' Willie -  M/M Lester Hensley, owners; Tyler Oliver, trainer

Horse Show of the Year
1. OVWHA Horse Show
2. Tollesboro County Fair Horse Show

Juvenile - Dylan Young
Amateur - Courtney Luttrell
Professional - Allen McQuerry

Horse of the Year
A Lil Mo Magic - Delaney Reynolds, owner; Steve Swinford, trainer

Escalade - Adycen Williams, owner; Buford Martin, trainer

Dancer's Pushin Alanis - Glenda Kirkland, owner & trainer

Show Pleasure
The Jose Cuervo - Lynn Oliver, owner; Tyler Oliver, trainer

Doc Cash - Ella Kline, owner; Mike Janeway, trainer

Lil' Waltzin' Willie - M/M Lester Hensley, owners; Tyler Oliver, trainer

Don & Louise Cooper Award - Laurie Herchenroeder

Marcus Alexander Young Trainer Award - Ryan Owens

Owner of the Year - Gloria Wiley

Trainer of the Year (Points) - Buford Martin

Trainer of the Year (Votes) - Travis Wiley

Lloyd Sebastian and Tyler Oliver accepted the awards won by Paladin who captured the Walking Horse Championship title, Slew’s Blue Angel in the Two-Year-Old Filly & Gelding category, and Cheyenne Bodie who earned the Four-Year-Old Open honor. Oliver also accepted award for Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hensley (not pictured) owned entries. Sport’s Rambler topped the Two-Year-Old Stallion & Gelding and Two-Year-Old Open categories, while Lil’ Waltzin’ Willie earned the Three-Year-Old Stallion & Gelding and Three-Year-Old Open divisions. Lil’ Waltzin’ Willie was named the Open Horse of the Year as well.

Gloria and Travis Wiley took a break from the awards ceremony. Gloria was honored with being named Owner of the Year, while Travis picked up the Trainer of the Year by Votes award.

The Amateur Walking Pony title was awarded to the team of Air Force One and Senator Robin Webb. Donald Stamper joined Webb in collecting the honor.

Diamond Eagle and Peggy Bramerloh had a great 2010 season. Together they claimed the Amateur Specialty High Point award.

David and Vanessa Bullock took time to pose and smile for the camera with all the awards they accumulated. Bustin’ For Cash captured the Open Show Pleasure title.

Darryl Collins and Malibu Irish claimed 11 blues in 2010 in the Park Performance division. To finish off their top year they were awarded with the Open Park Performance High Point title.

Elle Kline owned entries made a clean sweep of the halter divisions with Doc Cash earning the Walking Yearling title as well as the Halter Horse of the Year honor, and Doc House claiming the Walking Weanling award.

Regina and Ashley Fritsch enjoyed their time together at the banquet.

President Sue Alexander, Secretary Renee Isaacs, First Vice President Dianne Wilson, Second Vice President Laura Beth Comley, Treasurer Marie Broaddus and 2010 President Brandi Todd Mills smiled for the camera at the banquet.

Paige Smith and grandfather Austin Humes accepted the Four-Year-Old Amateur title for The Last Bullet.

Polly Ware accepted the Two-Year-Old Amateur High Point award from Delaney Reynolds that was earned by Ted Williams All Over.

The crew of Steve Swinford Stables had a successful banquet and proudly posed with all their wares. A Lil’ Mo Magic was awarded with the Juvenile Horse of the Year honor.

Laurie Herchenroeder was honored as the recipient of the Don and Louise Cooper Award. She also was presented with high point awards for Awesome Bayou who topped the Four & Under Park Performance division, and Shanghai Ritz who captured the 15.2 & Under Open category.