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          William Way, who is currently being treated for atypical teratoid rhabdoid cancer, was re-admitted to the hospital Jan. 30 after he developed a temperature of 103 and a staph infection related to his recent chemotherapy. Because his blood count was so low, doctors are planning to administer a blood transfusion Tuesday morning, Jan. 31.
       William had just finished his first of three rounds of chemotherapy. Father Jack Way explained that for one session of chemo, William has to be hospitalized for seven days. He is then released for two weeks before returning back to the hospital for a second session, which will last another seven days.

          When William finishes his third session of chemotherapy he will receive a three week break before beginning his radiation treatment, which will last for five consecutive days. Three weeks after Way concludes the radiation treatment he is scheduled to return for three more sessions of chemo.

          Plans have been made to harvest stem cells from his new baby sister, Mary Frances, to aid in William’s recovery. A stem cell transplant will be scheduled at the completion of William’s round of treatments.

          “William has continued to have a good attitude…I am so proud of him. We have been overwhelmed with support from the horse industry. Please continue to have us in your prayers”, said Way.