by Jean Baum

ELKHORN, Wis. – The Wisconsin Walking Horse Association welcomed its first show of the season on May 2. Once again, the first three shows of the club’s show schedule will be held at the nice and convenient facilities of the Elkhorn County Fairgrounds in Elkhorn, Wis. Larry Martin from Tennessee was kept busy as the judge and Clarence Wenham was the DQP.

Out of the 38 classes, three horse and rider teams won three blues each. These three were Jacob Schultz with Lend Me Lil’ Cash; Amanda Huebner on Extra Agent; and Andria Madison on grandma Kim Sizer’s Bum’s Pure Delight.

Ten different horse and rider combinations garnered two of those beautiful blues: Kate Roepke and Dash For Dollars; Kim Walker with two mounts, Eb’s Millionaire and Simply Stunning; Karen Parker and Pride’s Lexus; Martha Crawford also had two winners, Designed By Cash and GiGi’s Ashley; Chelsey Hribar and Pride’s Dusty Carbon; Patricia Ballo and Bum Lite; and Courtney Waterbury and Ben Marked By Pusher.

Those carrying out one big win were Mariann Springer and Doing Time In Texas; Stormy Afternoon Surprise and Teresa Dietz; Jimmy Hollywood and Deb DeRosso; and Andria Madison with Hand Paint’d Lady.

It was a good way to begin the 2009 show season, and fortunately on a beautiful afternoon.

Complete results may be viewed by clicking here.