Despite an unusually rainy January and February, work on the Celebration's East Side Box Seat project is on schedule. Lee Adcock Construction Co. and Cooper Steel continue with the fabrication of the 348 box seats using the existing steel support structure from the old reserved seats. Aluminum floor boards for the new boxes are scheduled to be delivered in the next few weeks. Once the weather breaks and several continuous days of sunshine are forecast, the painting contractor will begin cleaning and sandblasting all steel surfaces and applying two layers of paint. The project is scheduled for completion by May 31, 2003.

"The Celebration and our structural engineer, Charles McCann and Associates, are extremely pleased with the progress made on the project to date. Despite the rainy weather, the contractors have continued to make good progress during the winter months. With spring approaching, we should see some noticeable changes in the way things look on the east side of our outdoor arena," says Celebration Board member, Charles McDonald.