There is no one in the horse business today that doesn’t know and respect him. He has accomplished so much, but yet is still so humble. He has been named, Trainer of the Year, been dubbed the World Grand Champion, inducted into the Hall of Fame and now the Year In Walking Horses is dedicated to Allan Callaway.

Since the young age of 13, Callaway knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to be a horse trainer. That summer well known horseman Vic Thompson took Callaway under his wing and his need for knowledge of the Tennessee Walking Horse grew.

In 2000, Callaway reached a goal that many trainers strive for, but few actually reach. He was voted as Trainer of the Year by his peers. Then the following year he made that ultimate ride under the spotlight as World Grand Champion aboard Pride’s Jubilee Encore.

Allan and Encore was the catch phrase used that exceptional season. The duo began their quest for the 2001 World Grand Championship at the National Trainers Show by taking the Stake by storm. Then it was onto the main event.

They captured the Walking Stallions Five Years and Over, Over 15.2 preliminary amongst top competition, but they still had one last hurdle to cross. That final Saturday night “Allan and Encore” reached the pinnacle and became one of the most deserving World Grand Champions of today. Practically all of his life Callaway has had the same two passionate commitments; his family and his industry. Allan along with his two sons, John Allan and Bill are the trainers of Callaway Stables.

And never to be excluded, the backbone of this impressive team is none other than the love of Callaway’s life, his wife Karen. Through the years this family affair has accomplished so much in and out of the show ring. At the Celebration in 2005 alone Allan Callaway Stables walked away with one world grand championship, seven world championships, three reserve world championship and countless other top ribbons.

Allan Callaway is a modest man, never anxious to share his success, but that of his family, and also very quick to give credit to the rest of his staff for their untiring efforts.

We could not be more proud to recognize this outstanding individual and are pleased to dedicate the 2005 Year in Walking Horses to Allan Callaway.