With only seven classes on tap, and one of those working in a second arena concurrently with the other six, the Monday morning session was remarkably short, ending at 12:45.

Monday marks the beginning of the second half of the Celebration, which kicked off with the Western Plantation Pleasure, Specialty Class. Call Judge Howell, Second Judge Irby and Third Judge Johnson officiated for the 25-entry class.

I Be Strokin and Barbara Civils claimed their second blue of the show when the winner was called. Sugar Creek Stables is the owner.

It’s also been a good show for Russell Walker Keyser, who came all the way from Armstrong, Canada, to compete. His entry, Tobe’s Blue Rhapsody, was Reserve. Peddler’s Supreme and Julie Young claimed the third place ribbon for Backward S Ranch.

It is said every year, but that is because it bears repeating. There is no doubt Celebration exhibitors take showing seriously. Not only is there always a large number entered for each class, a large number consistently answers the gate call for each class.

Such was the case for the next class for Yearling Fillies. Thirty-four were entered in the program; 25 came into the ring. Call Judge Irby, Second Judge Johnson and Third Judge Carpenter marked the cards.

There were just too many good ones in the ring for the judge to decide the winners without closer inspection of a baker’s dozen.

The popular Final’s Sweetross and Tommy Wilson rose to the top for Jeffcoat Stables. Reserve and the red went to I Am Twice As Nice and Roger Richards for Dr. Roger Richards. Fancy Smancy and Kerry Huckaby were third for Kimmons Kolts.

An even dozen horses, and twice that many exhibitors answered announcer Thurman Walden’s gate call for the next class. Of course, it could only have been the Lead Line Ponies for riders under the age of six.

For the second year in a row, the winner was Ink Spot, ridden by Katie Baker and led by Kathie Baker, for the Dr. Randall Baker family. With this tie, they retired the Shadow Farms Challenge Trophy.

Candyman Bandit, with Jimmy Civils up and Barbara Civils at the lead, was Reserve for Jimmy Civils. Apple Jack Magic, ridden by Kenzie Whorley and led by Lisa Whorley, were third for Mr. and Mrs. Denny Adams.

There really were no losers in this class, as everyone exited with a ribbon. Those who did not place in the top 10 were thanked for their participation with a ribbon, as well.

Class 53, for three-year-old plantation pleasure horses, had 41 entries listed in the program. It was the only split class of the morning. Seventeen made up Division A, which worked for Call Judge Hamilton, Second Judge Johnson and Third Judge Carpenter.

The across-the-board blue ribbon winner was the local entry, Gen’s Champagne Magic and owner Nicki Wall.

Mike and Pam Erickson added another top ribbon to their collection when Mike and Coin’s Pushin For Gold were called to the Reserve. Third belonged to Gen’s Wild Thing and bobby Patterson for Ginny Winfree.

Nineteen horses comprised the field for Division B. Judge Hamilton called the gaits. Judges Johnson and Carpenter completed the slate.

Farrier Louie Staton has not been too busy for the last few sessions, but he was called out in his class to replace a cast shoe. After action resumed and the cards were tabulated, Royal’s Rolls Royce and owner Wayne Westbrook had earned their second blue of the show, and all three judges’ votes.

Ebony Dynamic and Ryan Vanatta were Reserve for Jim and Pat Oberlender, while Rich and Smart was third. Adrian Rehkemper was the jockey for Dr. Judy Moore-Foust.

Twenty-nine yearling colts filled the ring when the gate closed on their class. Judges Irby, Carpenter and Howell had the task of sorting through the sea of nodding heads for the best representatives of the age and breed. A workout of 14 determined the 10 ribbon winners.

Dr. Roger Richards has had a lot of good young horses at the Celebration. Another one, Fancy’s Hi Fashion, wore the blue in this class.

Reserve went to Mark Of Pushover and handler, Sylvester Skierkowski. This entry is owned by W.L. Cox. Third was Sweet As Cash and Frank Bobo for Jim Beasley.

While action was going on in Calsonic Arena, the Trail Class was being held outside in the ring adjacent to the arena. Two rings going at once may be a first for the Celebration.

Twenty of the 22 entered for the class went through the trail course. In a repeat of their 1991 performance, Casey’s Sure Hit and Eileen Reynolds, Jr. were Judge Diane Gueck’s choice for first.

Reserve went to Angel’s Apollo Dust and owner Mary Helen Coleman-Martin, while Jet’s Miss Ebony and owner Mag Ranft were third.

Monday Evening
Incredible as it may seem, 105 two-year-old stallions were entered to show at the Celebration. Of course, that number did not show, but nearly half that many did.

Twenty-six came into the ring for Two-Year-Old Stallions, Division A. The spin of the wheel and the draw of the colored balls put Judges Irby, Johnson and Carpenter in the ring as call judge, second, and third judge, respectively.

It required the extra work of a dozen stallions before the judging panel decided on the winner. Wearing the blue from the ring were Generator’s Chippendale and Mitch Taylor, showing for Bleeker and Bleeker.

Reserve was Jubilee’s Heart Of Gold and Wink Groover for the John Eldridge family. Third place and a sustained round of applause went to P J’s Hickory and Bill Bobo, showing for Steve and Lana Carlton.

The second division of the class featured 29 entries, all working for the attention of Call Judge Carpenter, Second Judge Hamilton and Third Judge Howell. This class was cut to 13. JFK received all three judges’ votes for the blue with Billy Gray in the irons for Castleman and Kilgore.

Pride Respect and Bill Bobo walked away with the red for Bobby Edwards, while Gentleman Generator and Bill Cantrell were third for Dr. and Mrs. W.S. Warr.

It was time to “Put On The Ritz,” according to organist Larry Bright, when nine fine harness entries drove into the ring with their owner-amateur gentlemen drivers. Judges Johnson, Howell and Irby marked the cards in this one.

Friday Nite Blues and Robert Campbell earned their blue on Monday night this year, taking the class for Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell of Newport, Pennsylvania and Shelbyville.

Reserve went to The Cold Fire, driven by Hoyte Eakes for Hidden Acres Farm. Third and the yellow belonged to Ole Blue Silver Tip and George Greenup for the George Greenup family.

Windward Manor Farm took another blue ribbon out of the ring to hang on its tackroom wall. Pusher’s Benny Boy and Wallace Brandon were the winners for the Franklin farm.

Reserve went to Generator’s Ice Lady and Robbie Grantham for Ralph and Pat Winkler, while third belonged to Pride’s Foolish Pleasure and Linda Smith for Llurah Hardin.

Forty-three were listed in the program for Division A of the Owner-Amateur Riders on Geldings, Specialty. Even though all of these didn't come into the ring, 30 did. Judges Hmilton, Howard and Irby wanted to get a better look at 15 of them, then all three awarded the first tie and the blue to Dark Spirit's Replay and owner Betty Schrader.

A Classic Horse, Eb's Black Shadow was Reserve with Neika Williams up for 20/20 Farm. Third went to Time Around Town and Connie Case, showing for Mr. and Mrs. Scott Case.

Division B of this class featured 27 of the 40 entries in the program, working for Call Judge Irby, Second Judge Johnson and Third Judge Carpenter. Thirteen of these came back for additional work.

For the third straight year, Gen's Fire & Ice claimed the top ribbon with Susan Gordon in the saddle for Stone Gait Farms, Arthur and Susan Gordon.

Reserve and the red went to Mike's Easy Money and Pam Ingraham for Robert Ingraham Homes Inc., while third belonged to A Black September and Don Williams for Don and Aletha Williams.

Traditionally the second championship class of the Celebration, the Yearling Championship entered the ring next. Preliminaries for this class were held earlier in the day.

Thirteen yearlings and their handlers came into the ring. Call Judge Howell, Second Judge Irby and third Judge Hamilton held the cards for this class.

The morning's colt winner claimed the tricolor. Fancy's Hi Fashion, was handled by Roger Richards for Dr. Roger Richards. Reserve went to Final's Sweetross, the filly winner, who was handled by Tommy Wilson for Jeffcoat Stables. In third was Sweet As Cash, with Frank Bobo handling for Jim Beasley.

The Owner-Amateur Riders on Mares, Specialty Class not only was split into two divisions, but it was obvious when Division A entered the ring that it would require a workout of a smaller field before a winner could be decided. Thirty-one horses made up the large field.

Judge Carpenter set the pace for the action. Marking the cards with him were Second Judge Hamilton and Third Judge Irby. Before making a final decision, they cut the field to 15. Two of these asked for, and received, permission to be excused.

The final tally of the votes netted Susan Gordon her second blue of the night, and Pusher's Evening Star her third blue of the Celebration. Since Thursday night, the Arthur Gordon family has won seven blue ribbons to take back to California.

Reserve tie went to P.J.'s Main Event. Beverly Sherman was the jockey for the Sherman family of Dallas. Third and the yellow went to Pride's Mist O' Gold and Michael Pollack for the Robert Pollack family.

Judges Hamilton, Irby and Carpenter officiated for the B division of the Owner-Amateur Riders on Mares, Specialty Class. Twenty-seven filled the ring and promised another workout.

Thirteen was the magic number from which the judges chose the top 10. Shanna Pittmen had the winning ride aboard Tramp's Voodoo Queen for Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pittman. Reserve honors went to Gold Record and Jimmy Reddy, riding for Jimmy and Vivian Reddy. Copy's Rippling Rhythm was third with Stephen Stanfill for S & S Asphalt Inc.

The last class of the evening had so many entries, it was split into two classes. Fifteen horses and riders answered Announcer Bobby Sands' gate call for the Stallions, 15.2 and Under Division A. They were judges by Call Judge Irby, Second Judge Carpenter and Third Judge Hamilton.

The same horse who won in 1990 and 1991 won again and retired the Milton R. Bennett Memorial Challenge. That entry was Royal Label, ridden by Bill Bobo for Howard and Helen Utter.

Reserve and the red belonged to Pride's Clutch and Rodney Dick for Moore Brothers and McDonald. Third went to Charcoal's Delight and Eddie Baucom for the Baucom family.

The final class of the evening was called by Judge Irby. With him on the judges' slate were Second Judge Johnson and Third Judge Howell. Division B, Stallions 15.2 and Under, hosted 19 entries. A 12-horse workout helped determine the top ribbon recipients.

Riding away with the blue were Gen's Major General and David Landrum for Hillview Farms, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bryant. Reserve and the red went to Hello World and Ray Gilmer for Dr. and Mrs. Luby Jones, while Pride's Contract and Winky Groover netted another top ribbon, the yellow, for a California owner, Paul Priamos, of Chino.

Some 8,840 people watched the Monday night session of the Celebration. This was up 996 over 1991. Paid attendance, at 22,447, was up 1,508 over last year.