By Julie Graham

ThorSport Farm opened its doors on Tuesday, May 12, 2020 to Youth Villages of Nashville, Tennessee. A total of five groups came throughout the day to tour the farm. The children were able to experience hands on grooming, while learning about the anatomy of the horse and different careers related to horses.

Youth Villages’ mission is to help children and families live successfully. Kids’ needs come first for them and they believe that children are raised best by their families. They provide a safe and positive place for the families they serve to develop skills to live successfully by focusing on areas that have a long-term effect. They develop innovative programs that serve children and families facing the most challenging circumstances. The entrepreneurial spirit leads them to test the limits of existing services and to create new opportunities. To learn more about Youth Villages visit

Mary Morton, a previous customer of Thorsport Farm, reached out to Allison Thorson to set up this event for the children. It is safe to say the children enjoyed their tour and opportunity to learn about horses. Morton, who is a part of Youth Villages, really enjoyed getting to bring the children to the farm. May is recognized as National Foster Care month.