CORNERSVILLE LIONS CLUB: Located at the Lion's Club Horse Show Grounds, Cornersville, TN.  Contact Bobby L. McDaniel at 931-293-2116.

Start Time: 6:30 PM

Brett Boyd, Fayetteville, TN

Bobby Sands, Columbia, TN

Connie Dunlap, Murfreesboro, TN

Ring Master
Joseph Goldman, Cornersville, TN

Class 1     Weanling Class
Class 2     Lead Line (Riders 6 & Under)
Class 3     Country Pleasure
Class 4     Two-Year-Old Walking Mares or Geldings (Riders’ Cup Class)
Class 5     Open Lite-Shod Plantation (No Canter)
Class 6     Two-Year-Old Amateur Mares & Geldings
Class 7     Yearling Walking Fillies
Class 8     Two-Year-Old Walking Stallions (Riders’ Cup Class)
Class 9     Show Pleasure Horse Open Specialty Class
Class 10   Three-Year-Old Walking Mares or Geldings (Riders’ Cup Class)
Class 11   Park Pleasure Walking Horse Open (No Canter)
Class 12   Park Performance Open Specialty Class
Class 13   Owner-Amateur Youth Riders on Walking Ponies 60’ & Under Specialty
Class 14   Four-Year-Old Open (Canter) (Riders’ Cup Class)  
Class 15   Amateur Ladies on Mares & Geldings Specialty
Class 16   Yearling Stallions
Class 17   Three-Year-Old Stallions (Riders’ Cup Class)
Class 18   Youth Riders 11 & Under
Class 19   Two-Year-Old Amateur Stallions
Class 20   Amateur Riders 50 & Over Open Specialty
Class 21   Amateur Three-Year-Old Mares or Geldings
Class 22   Park Pleasure Western Open Specialty
Class 23   English-Western Trail Pleasure Amateur Specialty
Class 24   Youth Riders 12-17 Specialty
Class 25   Show Pleasure Amateur Specialty
Class 26   Amateur Four-Year-Old Stallions Specialty
Class 27   Amateur 15.2 & Under Specialty
Class 28   Five-Year-Old & Over Mares & Geldings Class Specialty
Class 29   Amateur Three-Year-Old Stallions
Class 30   Amateur Class – Open Specialty
Class 31   Walking Stallions Five Year & Over (Canter) (Riders’ Cup)

Trophies will be awarded in every class.

Entry Fee/Prizes:

Classes 1-30                   $25           
$50, $30, $20, $15, $10

Riders¹ Cup classes            $45           
$150, $100, $50, $50, $50

Adults $6.00
Children 12 & Under: $1.00

Country Ham & Plenty of Good Food

President – Jimmy Wolaver
Horse Show Chairman – Bobby McDaniel

Negative Coggins Test Required

Attention: Persons on federal disqualification cannot transport horses to this show and can participate only as a spectator.

We will take all precautions to avoid accidents, but will assume no responsibility if any occurs.