CLARK COUNTY SADDLE CLUB FUN & GAME SHOW: Located at the Clark County Fairgrounds, Hwy. 15, Winchester, KY.  For more information contact Jim Woosley at 859-771-0272 or Don Woosley at 859-771-5606. Open to all breeds. Show begins at 1:00p.m.

  1. Lead Line
  2. Stick Horse Race
  3. Ride a Buck- bareback, riders furnish own dollars
  4. Halter open- any breed, any age
  5. Speed Barrel- turn 1 barrel
  6. Switch A Roo- team of 2 (rider runs down, dismounts, partner mounts, runs home)
  7. Clark Co owner/rider Pleasure Horse- trotters only
  8. Barrel race (3 barrels)
  9. Western Pleasure Horse Youth(17 & under) walk, jog and lope(trotters only)
  10. Baby bottle race (2 riders, person in front “nurses” person in back)
  11. Ribbon Race ( team of 2, both pay, both get ribbons)
  12. Egg and spoon
  13. Pole Bending
  14. Pleasure Gaited Horse-Youth (17 & under) walk and favorite gait
  15. Western Pleasure Horse- walk, jog trot and lope (trotters only)
  16. Clark Co owner/rider Pleasure Gaited Horse walk and favorite gait
  17. Pleasure Horse- walk/trot (trotters only)
  18. Dash for Cash (winner takes ALL entry fees, ribbons to other places)
  19. Relay Race (team of  2, both pay, both get ribbons)
  20. Pleasure Gaited Horse(18 & over)- walk and favorite gait


Entry Fees – Class 1, 2 none, ribbons to all participants

                     Class 3 none (winner wins all dollars)

                     Classes 4 – 20 ($5.00 entry – Ribbons only)                

                     Classes 11 & 19 are team classes, both pay, both will receive ribbons.