MSU EQUESTRIAN CLUB SPRING OPEN SHOW:  Located at Morehead State University, KY.  Contact Jessica Lasseter at 770-377-8047 or Krissy Green at 859-815-0340.

Friday 6:30 pm

1. Open Plantation Pleasure Horse
2. KY Horse Council Trail Pleasure
3. Trail Pleasure Racking  
4. Open Two Year Old Walking Horse
5. Amateur Owned and Trained Walking Horse 
6. Open Three and Under Plantation Pleasure Horse
7. 15.2 and Under Walking Horse
8. Three and Under Country Pleasure Walking Horse
9. Youth Walking Horse (11 and Under)  
10. Junior Racking Horse with Action Device 
11. KY Walking Horse Ladies Auxiliary  
12. Youth Trail Pleasure  
13. Amateur Country Pleasure Walking Horse 
14.  Youth Racking Horse with Action Device (17 and Under)
15. Open Three Year Old Walking Horse  
16. Novice Amateur Walking Horse  
17. Youth Walking Horse (12-17)  
18. Youth Country Pleasure Horse  
19. Open Four Year Old Walking Horse  
20. Speed Racking    
21. Open Walking Horse Specialty  
22. Racking Horse with Action Device Championship

Saturday 5:00 pm

23. Lead Line    
24. Yearling Halter Walking Horse    
25. Open English Pleasure (walk/trot/canter)   
26. Amateur Four-Year-Old Walking Horse   
27. Mule Pleasure      
28. ASB Amateur Five Gaited    
29. Spotted Saddle Horse Trail Pleasure Four and Under  
30. Ladies Amateur Walking Horse    
31. Park Performance Walking Horse    
32. ASB  Youth Country Pleasure   
33. Amateur Three-Year-Old Walking Horse   
34. Ladies Western Pleasure (walk/jog/lope)   
35. ASB Walk Trot (10 and under)    
36. Youth Trail Pleasure Spotted Saddle Horse (17 and under) 
37. Stick Horse (6 and under)   
38. Amateur Walking Horse Specialty   
39. ASB Country Pleasure     
40. Open Walking Pony     
41. ASB Show Pleasure     
42. Open Western Pleasure (walk/jog/lope)   
43. Trail Pleasure Spotted Saddle Horse   
44. ASB Open Three Gaited     
45. Pro/Amateur Walking Horse    
46. Open Road Horse Under Saddle    
47. Open Shod Spotted Saddle Horse                 
48. ASB Park Pleasure    
49. Show Pleasure Walking Horse    
50. ASB Five Gaited Championship   
51. Claude Brown Walking Horse Championship (canter)