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March 2-3, 2012, Lufkin, TX

TEXAS NATIONAL SHOWDOWN: Located at the George Henderson, Jr. Expo Center in Lufkin, TX. Contact Gary Clark at For more information visit SHOW Affiliated.

GPS Address: 1200 Ellen Trout Dr., Lufkin, TX

 5:30PM Friday - Show Arena
1     Model, 2 & Over, Open
2     WH Ponies 60" & Under Amateur Specialty
3     O/B Favorite Gait Senior Rider 55 & Over (horse/rider combo) E/W
4     O/B Water Glass
5     WH Four Year Old & Under Specialty Open
6     RH Amateur
7     WH Trail Pleasure Specialty, Gentlemen, English/Western
8     WH Park Performance Open
9     WH Lite Shod Open English/Western
10   RH Trail Pleasure Adult English/Western
11   SSH Trail Pleasure English/Western (no canter)
12   RH Flat Shod Open
13   Amateur Country Pleasure Adult English/Western
14   WH Trail Pleasure Specialty Ladies English
15   WH Amateur Specialty
16   WH Park Pleasure Open


17   SSH Ladies Specialty Western (no canter)
18   WH Show Pleasure Amateur Specialty
19   WH Lite Shod 4 & Under Open Specialty English/Western
20   WH Trail Pleasure 4 & Under Specialty, English/Western
21   RH Pleasure Racking
22   O/B Favorite Gait Gentlemen English/Western
23   WH Park Pleasure Amateur English/Western
24   WH Park Performance Amateur
25   RH Open Stallions, Mares, Geldings
26   WH Four Year Old & Under Specialty Amateur
27   RH Western Pleasure Adult
28   WH Classic Park Open English/Western
29   WH Trail Pleasure Youth Specialty English/Western
30   WH Lite Shod Amateur Specialty
31   WH Open Stallions, Mares, Geldings
32   RH Speed Flat Shod Open

1:00PM Saturday - Show Arena

 33   WH Equitation Youth Specialty Open Shod
34   O/B Lead Line 8 & Under (no entry fee)
35   RH Western Pleasure Youth
36   O/B Favorite Gait Open Three Gait (Canter) English/Western
37   WH Lite Shod Four Year Old & Under Amateur Specialty English/Western
38   WH Park Pleasure Amateur Specialty English/Western
39   SSH Youth Specialty Western (no canter)
40   O/B Favorite Gait Adult Novice English/Western
41   WH Trail Pleasure Canter English/Western
42   Amateur Country Pleasure Youth English/Western
43   RH Country Pleasure Adult English/Western
44   O/B Favorite Gait Youth 12 & Under English/Western
45   WH Trail Pleasure Specialty Ladies Western
46   O/B LSGPHA Members Only Favorite Gait Open English/Western


47   RH Trail Pleasure Youth English/Western
48   RH Youth Built Up
49   WH Equitation Youth Specialty Open Shod Championship
50   SSH Gentlemen Specialty Western (no canter)
51   WH Classic Park Amateur Specialty English/Western
52   O/B Favorite Gait Ladies English/Western
53   RH Country Pleasure Youth English/Western
54   WH Trail Pleasure AOT Specialty English/Western
55   RH Flat Shod Amateur
56   O/B Favorite Gait Youth 13 thru 17 English/Western

Dinner Break

57   WH Trail Pleasure Specialty Championship English/Western
58   WH Lite Shod Amateur Specialty Championship English/Western
59   RH Pleasure Racking Championship
60   WH Park Pleasure Amateur Specialty Championship English/Western
61   Amateur Country Pleasure Championship English/Western
62   WH Show Pleasure Amateur Specialty Championship
63   O/B Favorite Gait Youth Championship
64   RH Flat Shod Open Championship
65   WH Trail Pleasure Canter Championship English/Western
66   RH Trail Pleasure Championship English/Western
67   WH Lite Shod Open Championship English/Western
68   WH Four Year Old & Under Specialty Open Championship
69   SSH Open Specialty Championship Western (no canter)
70   WH Park Pleasure Open Championship
71   RH Amateur Championship
72   RH Western Pleasure Championship
73   WH Park Performance Championship
74   O/B Favorite Gait Adult Championship English/Western
75   WH Amateur Specialty Championship
76   RH Country Pleasure Championship English/Western
77   WH Classic Park Specialty Championship English/Western
78   WH Ponies 60" & Under Amateur Specialty Championship
79   RH Grand Championship
80   RH Speed Championship Flat Shod Open
81   WH Grand Championship



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