WISCONSIN FALL FINALE: Located at the Walworth County Fairgrounds in Elkhorn, WI. Pleasure and versatility classes. Contact Carol Olp at 920-725-4455 or carolp@new.rr.com for more information. Visit our website at: www.wisconsinwalkinghorse.org


  1. Plantation Model
  2. Plantation Youth English 2 gait
  3. Plantation Ladies English 2 gait
  4. Lite Shod Youth English 2 gait
  5. Plantation 4 Yr. Old & Under English 2 gait
  6. Amateur Country Pleasure English 2 gait
  7. Lite Shod Ladies’ English 2 gait
  8. Plantation Gentlemen English 2 gait
  9. Plantation English 3 gait
  10. Lite Shod English 2 gait
  11. Plantation 2 & 3 Yr. Old English 2 gait
  12. Amateur Trail Pleasure English 2 gait
  13. Plantation Amateur Novice Rider 2 gait O/T
  14. Lite Shod English 3 gait
  15. Yearlings
  16. Lite Shod Amateur Own/Train English 2 gait
  17. Plantation Youth 3 gait O/T
  18. Lite Shod Novice Horse 2 gait O/T
  19. Plantation Amateur Own/Train English 2 gait
  20. Plantation Novice Horse 2 gait O/T
  21. Amateur Trail Pleasure English 3 gait
  22. Plantation 50 & Over 2 gait O/T
  23. Plantation Youth 11 & Under 2 gait O/T
  24. Lite Shod Gentlemen English 2 gait
  25. Plantation Amateur Own/Train English 3 gait
  26. Amateur Country Pleasure Western 2 gait
  27. Lite Shod Youth Western 2 gait
  28. Plantation Western 2 gait
  29. Amateur Trail Pleasure Western 2 gait
  30. Lite Shod Western 2 gait
  31. Plantation Youth Western 2 gait
  32. Lite Shod Western 3 gait
  33. Amateur Trail Pleasure Western 3 gait
  34. Plantation Western 3 gait
  35. Water Glass
  36. Trail Obstacle Course
  37. Pole Bending
  38. Barrel Racing

Start Time: 11:00 a.m. (Entry Booth will close ½ hour prior to show time, and will reopen after class #1)

Entry Fee: $10.00 per class

Office Fee: $10.00 per day

Stall Fees: $20.00 per stall per day

Trailer Tie Fee: $5.00 per horse per day

Overnight Camping: $25 per night with plug in, $10 per night w/o plug in. Pay with entry fees.

Negative EIA Test for current calendar year required for all horses. Please provide a copy to entry booth.

Entry Booth Information:

Horse’s registration number and name.

Rider’s name.

Amateur/Youth/Trainer’s number.

Note: All of the above must be on the class entry sheet before the DQP will inspect the entry.

All classes are open to adult and youth participants unless otherwise specified.

Amateur Country Pleasure Horse Division: Reg. Papers and Amateur Cards not required.

Amateur Trail Pleasure Horse Division:Reg.papers and amateur card required. Please refer to NHSC rulebook. Information available at entry desk.

Speed Events: Safety helmets required for all youth 17 & under, optional for adults.

O/T: Denotes optional tack & attire (English or Western) but not a combination thereof.

Amateur Own/Train: No professional training within 90 days.

Novice Horse: Has not won 3 blues in a mounted rail class since 01-01-06 (excludes equitation classes)

Novice Rider: Has not won 3 blues in a mounted rail class since 01-01-06 (includes equitation classes)

These shows follow the regulations set forth by the TWHBEA Versatility Program and the NHSC.

Persons on federal disqualification cannot transport horses to these shows and can only participate as a spectator.

All classes subject to show management approval.