The purpose of the Academy Program is to introduce the Tennessee Walking Horse to a larger audience through a lesson program. Students take lessons on “school” horses and are charged an hourly rate. Because the school horses are owned by the barn or instructor, the beginning rider is introduced to the joys of showing at an affordable cost.

Academy classes are strictly for riders who are regular participants in a lesson program. Academy shows create an environment where riding students can safely and fairly compete with each other at a peer-to-peer level. The academy Program is co-sponsored by TWHBEA and WHOA.

The Following classes will be held on Saturday, March 22nd at 10:00 a.m.

1. Lead Line, Specialty
2. Show Class, Any Age, FS, Canter
3. Show Class, Any Age, PH, Canter
4. Country Pleasure, Any Age, Specialty
5. Juvenile 15-17, PH, Specialty
6. Any Age, FS, Canter
7. Juvenile, 12-14, PH, Specialty
8. Any Age, PH, Canter
9. Juvenile, 12-17, FS, Specialty
10. Adults, PH, Specialty
11. Juvenile 11 and Under, FS, Specialty
12. Adults, FS, Specialty
13. Juvenile 11 and Under, PH, Specialty
14. Equitation, Adult, PH, Specialty
15. Equitation, 15-17, FS, Specialty
16. Equitation, Any Age, PH, Canter
17. Equitation, 8 and Under, FS, Specialty
18. Equitation, 8 and Under, PH, Specialty
19. Equitation, Any Age, FS, Canter
20. Equitation, 15-17, PH, Specialty
21. Equitation, 12-14, FS, Specialty
22. Equitation, 12-14, PH, Specialty
23. Equitation, Adult, FS, Specialty
24. Equitation, 11 and Under, FS, Specialty
25. Equitation, 11 and Under, PH, Specialty
26. Equitation with Pattern Work, Any Age (pattern will be posted one hour prior to the show)

For further information contact Joni Jenne’ at TWHBEA 931-359-1574 or Mark Taylor at WHOA 615-890-9120.