by Mark Taylor

MONTVERDE, Fla. – Montverde, Fla., was the site of the first Florida WHOA-TWHBEA Academy show, Jan 24. The turn out was wonderful for this first time event and all exhibitors had a great time. Sara Womack and Carol Wakefield, instructors for Montverde Academy, were instrumental in making this show possible. WHOA and TWHBEA would like to thank Montverde Academy and Headmaster Kasey Kesselring for hosting the show at the newly expanded Montverde Academy Equestrian Center. Newton Parks of Murfreesboro, Tenn., was the judge and Rick Womack also flew in from Middle Tennessee to make sure the track was just right for competition. The Academy Program is a great way to introduce new riders to the Tennessee Walking Horse and this was evident by the participation of young Montverde students, some from foreign countries, at this show. Look for more academy classes on the Florida circuit in 2009.

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