Editor's Note:  The following is the agenda for the industry meeting being held at Highland Stables in Bowling Green, KY on Saturday March 26, 2011.  The meeting will run from 1:00-3:00PM CST.  For more information contact Dwayne Rector at rectorscherry@windstream.net or 270-842-2719. 

“Did You Ever Wonder Why” Agenda

I.  Introduction

II. Change of Society in General

III. Reasons For Changes in USDA Regulations

IV. Reasons for Change in HIO Rules

V. Demonstrations of typical DQP inspections as required by USDA

VI. Presentation of all forms required by Show Managers, exhibitors and DQP

VII. Discussion of DQP Clinic Agenda

VIII. Composition of members of HIO Conference

IX. Discussion of  Difficult Questions asked of the Walking Horse Industry at these conferences

X. Suggestions of Pro-active steps this industry needs to consider


We will have the coffee brewing, please put on your “thinking cap” and you might bring a chair!