The Walking Horse Owners' Association and the Pleasure Walking Horse Association of Kentucky joined forces to promote a new show on June 20 in Franklin, Kentucky at the Kentucky Downs Race Track. The facility offers a quarter down horse show arena that is adjacent to the race track that served as a perfect place for the 1st Annual WHOA-PWHAK Versatility Show. The show featured 37 Versatility/Pleasure classes and began at 10:00 CST with Frankie Jo Bradley officiating. This show was also eligible for the KEEPS programs for Kentucky. The show was a huge success with 180 entries making the gate call. Trophies were donated by Gobbler's Knob Farm of Franklin, KY and Ribbons were provided by WHOA. The Cash giveaway for this show was won by Bradley Richards. Thank you to all the volunteers that helped make this show a success.

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