by Sadie K. Fowler

    Copyright 2005-Equus Magazine's Joanne Meszoly told the Report Friday, November 18 that
she encourages all feedback, both positive and negative, regarding her
recently published article, "Why Soring Still Persists."
    "People who are angry about this article are encouraged to voice their
feelings," said Meszoly. "Every letter that is sent in is at the very least
read by our editor. I have personally responded to a few letters."
    So far Equus, whose circulation is about 150,000, has received 60 to 70
letters in response to the controversial article. "We typically receive
about 15 letters," said Meszoly.
    In addition to receiving the many letters, which were mostly in support
of her article that quoted former walking horse trainers as saying soring
still persists in today's show horse industry, Equus had an open forum on
its Web site that had to be taken down when comments reached an attack mode
and became too personal.
    The few negative comments Equus did receive came from Saddlebred
enthusiasts, who Meszoly said were outraged with her comment "it is [soring]
done on primarily Tennessee Walking Horses, Racking Horses and other gaited
show horses."      
    Meszoly said she expected and encouraged TWHBEA to respond to her
article, however, the Report learned Thursday from TWHBEA Executive Director
Charles Hulsey that they did not intend to do so.
    Letters to Equus may be sent to