(Charlotte McCoy, Nancy Vest, Susie Graham, Janet timmerman. Back row:  Sharon Payne, Patty Andrews, Janelle Gallavin, Betty Sergent, Jeanette Gallavin, Sue King and Karen Whistance)

The Maack family presented a donation to Bosom Buddies last Tuesday night during one of their fundraisers at Church-House Banquet Hall in Halfway, Mo.  
Bosom Buddies helped raise funds for the horse show through local donations. They also provide valuable help at the show by running the cook-shack and admission gate, for which they receive 100% of the proceeds. The horse show itself also donates to the group profits from the show. This year we are happy to report that Bosom Buddies made $1,500.00 from the horse show.  
Bosom Buddies uses the money they raise from the horse show and other fundraisers to benefit House Of Hope, Salvation Army food pantry, Shop With a Cop, Operation Santa (for Marines overseas), Polk County Humane Society, Halfway schools backpack program, Christmas for Halfway school children and gas cards for local cancer patients.
In this season of thanksgiving, the Bill Maack family is thankful to be involved with this group of hard working ladies. We are glad to see all the wonderful local programs that benefit from Bosom Buddies.