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BPWHA High Point Results

The following results are the Bluegrass Pleasure and Walking Horse Association High Point winners. The BPWHA Banquet was held on Saturday, January 29, 2011 in Berea, Ky.

Lead Line
1. Jaylon Ponder
2. Ethan Tyree

Two-Year-Old Walking
1. A Fatal Charm - Bob Stannard, owner
2. Ruffles N Ribbons By JFK - Bob Stannard, owner

Weanlings at Halter
1. Stoney's Red Mist - Glenda Kirkland, owner
2. Call Me Cooperstown - Gene Carswell, owner

Yearlings at Halter
1. Even's Exclusive Revenge - Maggie Mae White, owner
2. Encore Repeat - Arlene Gray, owner

1. Best In Blue - Dr. Lesley Perry Collins, owner
2. Raising Cash - Leann Renner, owner

Lite Shod Pleasure Specialty
1. Enchanted Wolf - Debbie Smothers, owner
1. Vegas Games - George Quinley, owner
2. Ultra Edge - Sharon Richert, owner

Youth Lite Shod
1. Boomerang's Threat - Glenda Kirkland, owner
2. Vegas Games - George Quinley, owner

Country Pleasure Walking
1. She's A Bad Cat - Debbie Smothers, owner
2. Doc's Ebony Ezer - Marion Pennington, owner

Youth Country Pleasure 17 & Under
1. Cujo's Secret - Glenda Kirkland, owner
1. Gabriel's First Glory - Glenda Kirkland, owner
1. Strolling With Pusher - Libby Renner, owner
2. Raising Cash - Libby Renner, owner

1. Maggie Mae White
2. Jeni Gripshover

Trail Pleasure Specialty
1. I'm Clean & Sober - Melissa Marcum, owner
2. Night Wolf - Debbie Smothers, owner

Trail Pleasure 17 & Under
1. Lady Firewalker - Cass Ponder, owner
2. Colors In Mud - Steve Ponder, owner

Amateur Classic Plantation Pleasure Specialty
1. Vegas Games - George Quinley, owner
2. Dancer's Pushin' Alannis - Glenda Kirkland, owner

Open Classic Plantation Pleasure Canter
1. Ebony's Big Ticket - Gene Carswell, owner
2. Boomerang's Threat - Glenda Kirkland, owner

Four-Year-Old Specialty
1. Nine All Over - Charlie & Sharon Blincoe, owners
1. Pusher's Ritzy Pride - Bob Stannard, owner

Park Performance Specialty
1. Sultan's Gold Collector - Charles & Sharon Blincoe, owners
1. Trigger's Pretty Boy - Robby Stannard, owner

Show Pleasure Walking Specialty
1. VIP - Steve Ponder, owner
2. Cash's Last Deal - Steve Ponder, owner

Spotted Lite Shod
1. Avenger's Foxxy Farrah - Debbie Smothers, owner
2. Dancer's Pushin' Alannis - Glenda Kirkland, owner
2. Lady Firewalker - Cass Ponder, owner

Spotted Trail
1. Avenger's Foxxy Farrah - Debbie Smothers, owner
2. Colors In Mud - Steve Ponder, owner

Three-Year-Old Walking
1. Cash's Last Deal - Steve Ponder, owner
2. I'm Stone Cold Cash - Bob Stannard, owner

Walking Pony Specialty
1. A Seabiscuit - Mona Vice, owner
2. The Dixie Line - Bob Stannard, owner

Youth Challenge - Canter
1. Maggie Mae White

Walking Horse Stake
1. Silver Dollar's Donato - Bob Stannard, owner
1. You're In Command - Maggie Mae White, owner

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