The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association Search Committee has narrowed the list of potential candidates to replace retiring Executive Director Bob Cherry to eight applicants. The Committee received 27 resumes prior to the October 7 deadline and has spent almost 60 hours meeting and interviewing candidates.

The Committee has a conference call today, Thursday, October 24, with the Executive Committee and will meet with that Committee at their regularly scheduled meeting Monday in Lewisburg.

The Committee is composed of the past five presidents of the TWHBEA and includes Robert Thomas, Carroll Benedict, Jim Welch, Charles Gleghorn and Steve Smith. The Committee was appointed by the TWHBEA Board of Directors and began the search process in July.

Current TWHBEA President Robert Thomas praised the hard work of the Committee and expressed confidence that the Committee would find a quality person to fill the position.

Cherry’s resignation was submitted at the semi annual meeting of the TWHBEA Board in May and is effective December 31, 2002. Cherry will remain with the association as a paid consultant for the year 2003.