The following letter was shared with WHR by Bob Medina.  Medina sent the following letter to Jane Moore after the passing of her husband, Buddy Moore.

My Dear Jane,

Ambassador is the name that comes to mind when we think of Buddy Moore.  Buddy appropriately sat in the first box on the right as one enters the Celebration. He was the greeter.    Always a smile on his face. He made you feel that he sat there  waiting for just you to arrive.   Nothing pretentious, and always warm. Buddy made you feel good and liked and important.    

Walking horse icons are few.   But Buddy Moore was that and more.  He was a true country gentleman who had the ability to represent the "old timers" and, at the same time, mingle with newbies.   If you didn't know Buddy, you hadn't been to a Tennessee horse show.   

Actually, you couldn't say Jane Moore without thinking Buddy Moore, too, and you couldn't say Buddy Moore without thinking Jane Moore also.   You can't say ice without thinking cream or rum without coke.   So every time I see Jane Moore,  I'll think lovingly of Buddy Moore.   Here's to you, Buddy, may you rest in peace.