Copyright WHR 2007

By Christy Howard Parsons

The Report has learned that TWHBEA Executive Director Chuck Cadle resigned his position on Monday, November 26, 2007 via a letter that prompted a conference call of the TWHBEA Executive Committee.

Cadle reportedly resigned due to his concern about the financial duress being experienced by TWHBEA, due in part to the burgeoning legal costs of the NWHA lawsuit. Although the TWHBEA Executive Committee voted in an executive session of their October meeting to extend Cadle’s contract for an additional year, Cadle requested the payout of the terms of the initial annual contract in the amount of $60,000. The TWHBEA Executive Committee allegedly accepted these terms.

Kristi Lane will assume the role of TWHBEA Executive Director. TWHBEA has promised an official release related to this matter shortly, and the Walking Horse Report will continue to update this continuing story.